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490 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS.· Sess. II. C11. 141. 1914. mmm ones. Irmurs Omen: Commissioner, $5,000; assistant commissioner, $3 500- second assistant commissioner who shall also perform the diftiesbf chief clerk, $2,750; financial clerk, $2,250; chiefs of divisions-—-one $2,250, one $2,000; law clerk, $2,000; assistant chief of division, $2,000; {private secretary, $1,800; clerks—twenty of class four, thirty-one o class three, thrrtyzeight of class two, two dag: $1,500 each, s of class one, including one stenogfraphené ks diy-gvgg at $1,000 , mcluding one stenographeratnrrty our c r ba $ t each; messenger; four assistant messengers, our messenger oys, a $360 each; expert accountant, $2,000; forester $$,600; draftsman, $1,400; lnnnhgation engineer, $2,000; examiner of, irrigation accounts, $1 800; tsman, $1,200, two clerks, at $720 each; in all, $$28,150.

  • ’°“*°°¤°*¤°•- Pmzsron Omen: Commissioner, $5,000· deputy commrssroneini

$3 600; chief clerk, $2,500; amrstant chief clerk, $2,000·_ medic referee, $3,000; rnaedrcal rifcndree, $2,250; twn guahfil 800ed siggeons t $2000 · en me examiners, a. eac • eight bliiefs of difisioris, at $2,000 each;. law clerk, $2,25l); chief of board of review, $2,250; forty-seven rincipal examiners, at $2,000 each; private secretary, to be selected and appointed bé the Commissioner of Pensions, $2,000; sixteen assistant chiefs of vrsronsl, at $1,800 each; three stexrographers, at $1,600 p&0h;_d1Sbl1l$1Dg cerk for the payment oggensiqns, $4,000; deputy clerk, $2%; three su rks in the drsbursing drvrsron, at $2,000 e , clerlm-—one hun and nme of class four, one hundred of three two hundred and eighty-five of class two, three hundred and sixty of class one, eighty-nine at $1,000 each; sixty-one conguisis; thirty messengers; sixteen assistant memengers; seventeen s ed laborers, at $660 each; twenty at $400 sungrintendent of buildmsg, $1,400; twenty- _ la rem, ten f e la at each; teen charwomen; painter, and cabmetmaker, skrlle in their trades, at $900 each; acénptmn of the watch, $840;_three sergeants of nine; watch, at $:506: ; twenty watchmen; engineer, $1,200; two

1 5 350.

».%5QLl*°°°°°u!°‘ year nineteen hundred and nfteen not more than twenty- ve per centum of the vacancies occurring in the classified service of the Bureau of Pensions herein above provided for shall filled except by promotion or demotion from among those in the classr- Eed service in said bureau. And the salaries or compensation of all places which mafv not be filled as herein above provided for shall not btnlavrflzargable or expenditure but shall lapse and shall be covered i to e asu . ¤·§gJ°Qj¤*;:¤ ¤P¤¢*¤* uFor an additilbvnal force of Eve special examiners for one year, eat $1,300 each, $6,500, and no person so appointed shall be ernp nyed in the State from which he IS appointed; and any of the addition force now emplo ed in the Pension Office or as special examiners may be rea pointed, if they be found to be re dam, am., in- Epor per diem, when absent from ome and traveling on duty out- "'"““°'“‘ side the District of Columbia, for persons employed in the Bureau of Pensions, detailed for the purnlpse of making special inyestigations pertaming to said bureau m eu of expenses for subsistence, not excneeding $3 per day, and! for actual an other necessary expenses, in ding` telegrams, $125,000. woyébggjnving de- (Pgr the use of the Bureau of Pensions for the purchase, repair and ’ exchange of adding machines, addressing machines, thewriters, check machines, and other labor-saving dcvicesfgurniture, filing cabinets, and pgstage on foreign mail, $6,000. P¤`¤¤¢¤¤¤¤¤- Pxrmvr Omen; mmissroner, $5,000; first assistant commissioner, $4,500; assistant cnmmissioner, $3,500;cl1ief clerk, who shall be qualified to act as prmcrpal examiner, $3,000 ; two law examiners,