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32 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3; 1913. °¤¤*·=¤·¤¤· WM Conf d burial lats: F th rotection and maintem°°°' °°°°’ °°°' nance di (gdiiiioederéailte p1a§%ow:xci=l@ the}? Stztes, locatctgl d kn b wing a ions: era ceme its i’°i*¤*G,t.°~*E1°:1§¤°¤·t·:y· tmp tsrwsbsi ' ; era section wu m apo s - d.iari)a; Confederate cemetery, Point ; and bon- M in federate cemetery, Rock lsland, Illmois Ql,250. _ ¤,,"°"“"‘°",,, ,,,,1 cmgm · Monuments or tablets in Cuba and China: For repans and agresep vation of monuments, tablets, roads, fences, so forth, m e and constructed by the United States m Cuba and Chma to mark the places L“"° R°°";,;*"" wll§ru(ii:i.Alni·§nei (ihsdi,g‘iia1rit$1ii)1i!1‘dnts· The unexpended balance of ngi-:¤mg;{¤{“·{d% the appropriation made for the mr nineteen hundred and eleven “°6‘:.%u&.,.. an- expenses of burying in the Little 1; (Aransas) National Ceme~ v°1‘ °°**" 7** te mcludingtrans rtation thereto indigent ex-soldiers, ex—sa11ors, r·Y» . E? . ¤ . . or ex-marines of the mted States service, either regular or volunteer, who have been honorably discharged or retired and who die while s*k.2;..*·S att: t·a?,...d“db;‘::.: messes 5**: me exceeding $35 for such burial expenses in each case, eicclusive of cost of grave, is reapprop1éiz;ted and continued available for the fiscal year nineteen xmdrcd an ourteen. ‘ ¤¤¤¤¤v¤¤· iwrrorwar. mnrranr ranxs. Q ¤°“°m¤m°¤¤ md Chi kama and Ch ttanooga National Park: Fo contin the

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f g:;lClili¢(;kama11ga aug ChattanoogarNational_¥ark;

or compcnsa an cases o cmhan commissioners maps, surveys, clerical assistance, $300 for necesi ' sary clerical labor under direction of the chanman of the commission, office expenses, and all other necessary expenses; foundations for State monuments; mowing; historical tablets, iron and bronze; iron gun carriages· for roads and their maintenance; the urchase of H tracts of lands heretofore authorized bylaw; in all? $57 060. _ Shiloh National Park: For continuing the work of, estab— lishialg a national park on the battle field of ShilohaT&nnessee; or e compensa on o ree c commissioners; an secretary; clcriczlds and other serviges; laborI;t1;istori<;al tablets; mgps and surve·ro ·ux~chasoanransoa1onosphes te. rials;y:$ce and gther necessa expgnses, $27,000.up tm ma °°“"°‘“"‘ Gettysburg National Park: ger continuing the work of establishing the national park at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; for the acquisition of lands, surveys, and maps; constructmg, rmpf-ovmg, and mamtaming fL°“E’1¥.?°dS&i“‘$trb“‘*%ii’t‘i,‘f§t°°°’ti"“ g *°‘£°€°t?“dtt,,,g°”“¤§‘ mar-_ es_o a eyn a san ns,eac a et ‘ a brief legend histone acts, and comfpgiled without censure an without praise, preserving the features_o the battle field and the monuments thereon, providing for a suitable office for the_comm1s- sponirasl m Eilettglsburg; compensation of three civilian commissioners c cn an o er services, expenses, and labor; the purchase prelpglrptitcip of tablets and gixm cgalmaggs a}nd placing them in position; an _ o er expenses mc1_ ent to the oregoin , $54 000. “°‘¤°°¤· Vicksburg National Mil1ta1y_ Park: _I•for continuing the work of estabhshing the yicksburg National Mihtanjly ; for the compensat1o11 of three civilian commissioners for c encal d oth labor, iron gun carriages, the mounting of siege an s, niadinsxirlgdiictg, markers, and historical tablets giving historicalmiacts, com ilcd without_pra1se and without censure; maps, surve s; roads, brigges, ?ration of ealrathworks, purchase of lands, purcliaso and transpor— $4;l$(1)0?f supp and materials; and other necessary expenses,