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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. 495 class four, seven of class three, eleven of class two, eight of class one, four at $1,000 each, eight at $900 each; messenger; four assistant messengers; laborers; two page, at $360 each; in all, $82,650. _ _ _ Drvisron of I’ostmasters’ ppointments: Superintendent, $3,000; .¤£€°°mtm°”” d“”' two assistants, at $2,000 each; c erks—three of class four, fourteen of class three, ten of class two, six of class one, four at $1,000 each, two at $900 each· two messengers; in all, $63,480. Ci M di _ Division of City Delivery: Superintendent, $3,000; assistant super- sioniy my "' intendent, $2,000; clerks—three of class three, two of class two, seven of class one, four at $1,000 each, two at $900 each; messenger; laborer; in all, $28,300. Omen Snoorm Assrsrarrr Posrmasnzn Gnrmnarz Second Assist-. y§,°,‘§§§‘,,’§",§§,§§,',§,f ant Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500; division of railway ¤*°I;_8,,m 8 d ju t_ adjustments——superintendent $3,000, assistant superintendent $2,250; meats mvisxtq. _ division of foreign mails-superintendent $3,000 assistant superin· ,,,,',,‘f‘°"“ "““’ "“"' tendent $2,000; superintendent division of miscellaneous transports- v,s,¤‘;;¤¤v°f¤¤*i¤¤ dt tion, $2,000; clerks-—thir·teen of class four, twenty-three of class three ' (two transferred to office of Fourth Assistant), twenty of class two (three transferred to office of Fourth Assistant), fifteen of class one, twelve at $1,000 each, eight at $900 each; messlirgger in charge of mails, $900; four assistant messer§frs (one transfe to office of Fourth Assistant); pa§e, $480; in , $149,410. ~ Division of ailway Mail Service: General superintendent, $4,000; ,,,,R,§,°v',§‘§§,,?"" S"' assistant general superintendent, $3,500; chief c erk, $2,000; clerkstwo of class four, five of class three, six of class two, five of class one, three at $1,000~each, two at $900 each; in all, $40,00. Ormcm Tnran Assrsrarrr Posrmasrnn Gnmarrn.: Third Assistant 1,,{;'*§_§_,¤—}°*g$ Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500; division of stam ew · i superintendent, $2,750; division of finance-—superintendent (who §·l§'§¤’§,‘l;Y$;,‘ii°.}§;_ shall give bond in such amormt as the Postmaster General may determine for the faithful discharge of his duties) $2,250; division of ,;.$?“m°°°°“ di"' c1ass1fication—superintendent $2,750; division of registered mails- m“'S *”· supermtendent $2,500; division of money orders—superintendent u0¤¤y-umm um- $2,750, chief clerk $2,250, clerks—nineteen of class four, thirty-two "°“· of class three, fifty-one of class two, sixty-two of class one, forty-two at $1,000 each, twenty-four- at $900 each; two messengers; four assistant messengers; two laborers; in all, $323,430. Postal Savings System: Director, $4,800; assistant director, mgm ¤•’*¤¤ B"- $3,000; bond examiner, $2,500; chief clerk, $2,500; clerk in charge of ' admmistrative section, $2,000; clerk in chargg of audit section, $2,000; clerks—eight of class four, fifteen of class thee, twe11ty-three of class two, forty-six of class one, forty-seven at $1,000 each, twenty-two at $%0 eac ; two messengers; three assistant messengers; three pages, at $480 each; in all, $214,680. Ormcm Formrn Assrsravr Posmasma GENERAL: Fourth Assist- p°1;&°i’,‘} "éZ§2,'§f

 Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500; division of rural •*g;m, mms dm

marls—super·intendent $3,000, assistant superintendent $2,000, chief mn. clerk $2,000; clerks—twelve of class four· (three transferred from Dead Letters Division and two from Supplies Division), seventeen of class three (three transferred to Sup lies Division), twenty-six of class two (one transferred from Supplim Division and three from Office of Second Assistant), fortgl-lsteven of class one (three transferred from Dead Letters Division), t y-ODG at $1,000 each, ten at $900 each; stenographer·s—one $1,600, one $1,200; two messengers; five laborers (three transferred from Dead Letters Division); two pages, at $360 each; m all, $204,600. Dm Division of Dead Letters: Superintendent, $2,750; clerk of class ,i°¤_ me dj"' four, who shall be chief clerk; clerks——two of clam four (three transferred to main office), three of class three (five transferred to Supplies Division), ten of class two, twenty-eight of class one (three transferred to main office and three to Supplies Division), twenty-five at