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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. 501 Orleans, four at $1,800 each· Baltimore, six at $1,800 each; Boston, six at $1,800 each; Philadtiphia eight at $1,800 each; San Francisco, eight at $1,800 each; uffalo, our at $1,600 each; Milwaukee, eight at $1,600 each; Norfolk, four at $1,600 each; Seattle, eight at

§,60g00 each; one traveling inspector $2,500; $152,500; m all,

53, . Clerk hire, service at large: For compensation, not exceeding °¥·**= ¤¤··¤¤¤¤·s·· $1,wO a gat to each person, of clerks to boards of steamboat inspectors, to appointed liy the Secretary of Commerce in accordance n.s.,»¤.4414,p.as4. with the provisions o section forty-four hundred and fourteen, V,,,_3,,,,_ ,0, Revised Statutes the Act of April ninth, nineteen hundred and six, ango the Act of March fo1i_rth,fmneteen lgndred and egiygen, ;;‘°°·*"m’· ntmge° nt expenses: or eestowi esses;trave' an o er “¤¢¤¤*¤P¤¤¤¤¤· expenses when on oihcial business of the Supervising Inspector Gen- P°“’P`5°" eral, supervisinlg insgctors, traveling inspector, local and assistant inspectors, an cler ; instruments, furniture, stationery, janitor service, and evetay other necessary to carry into effect the pro- a.s., rms 1.11, pp. visions of Title ty-two, Revised Statutes, of the Act of Agri] fourth, “$,$§°;5_ ,,_ 8,, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight amending the Act of une nine- $g{·2;1>-Sgbm teenth, eighteen hundre and eighty-six, as amended by Acts of ag&6p.'¤d;%.i.Ee I March first, eighteen hundred and ninetyifive, February fifteenth §,°,j,,Q";};jg_ P- ig? eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, Marc third, nineteen hundred ' and five, April ninth nineteen hundred and six, and May twenty- eiggth, nineteen hundred and eight, $80,000. mmau or Navrearrorvz Commissioner, $4,000; deputy commis- N•*¤“°¤ B·¤••¤· sioner, $2,400; chief clerk, $2,000; clerk to commissioner, $1,600; clerks—two of class four, one of class three, three of class two, four of class one, two at $1,000 each, six at $900 each; two memengers; in $33,280. méhi ping service: For slipping commissioners in mounts not ,,.?,,’;’g?‘¤¤ °°““'*"· eXeeeg¤% the following: B trmore, $1,200; Bath, $1,000; Boston, V°‘·”·P·”· $3,000· loucester,$600; NewBedford, $1,200; NewOr1ea.ns, $1,500; New Yyork, $5,000· Norfolk, $1,500; Pascagoula, $300; Philadelphia, $2,400; Portland, Meme $1,300; Seattle, $3,500; Providence, $1,800; Rockland, $1,200; San Ifrancisco, $4,000; in all, $29,500. Clerk hue: For compensation, to be Exed by the Secrotariy of Com- °‘*'*‘**'°· merce, not to exceed $1,600 per annum to each person, o clerks in the offices of shipping commissioners, $35,000. Contingent expenses: For rent, stationery, and other requisites for transaction of the business of shippmgN_commissioners’ omces, and for ' janitor in the commissioners’ office at _ ew York, $840; in all, $6,000. To enable the Commissioner of Navigation to secure uniformity in ,_:gg’f°'“’““°”‘ °‘ the admeasurement of vessels, including the employment of an ad- P¤•¢.p·¤<>4- juster of admeasurements at not to exceed $2,100, purchase and exchange of admeasuring instruments, traveling and incidental exploisnses, $3,000. _ _ truments for counting passengers: For the purchase and repair c°“°'°"’¤’°”°°¤°”· of instruments for counting passengers, $250. M t mm. w W Enforcement of navigation laws: To enable the Secretary of Com- semi-lair ¤m1;Zti’¤¤ merce to provide and operate such motor boats and employ thereon l"'- such persons as may be necessary for the enforcement, under his direction by customs officers of laws relating to navigation and inspection of vessels, boarding of vessels, and counting of passengers on excursion boats, $20,000. wi Enforcement of wireless-communication laws: To enable the °,m{,°§°;g,°’°°”°““ Secretary of Commerce to enforee the Acts of Congress "to require 3,V¤L1gg·1>-¤2¤:V¤L apparatus and operators for radio commrmication on certam ocean irY»i.a1§p. mes. steamers" and ‘ to regulate radio communication" and carry out '°°"·P·“"· the International Rad1o—telegraphic Convention, and to employ such persons and means as may be necessary, this employment to mclude