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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 141. 1914. 505 BFREAU or LAnon STATISTICS! Commissioner, $5,000; chief stat- MQW ¤*¤”““°° B¤· istician, who shall also perform the duties of chief clerk, $3,000; statistical experts-—four at $2,000 each; clerks—five of class four, five of class three, six of class two, twelve of class one, nine at $1,000 each; twocopyists; twoassistantmessengers; twolaborers; special tsfour at $1,800 each, six at $1,600 each, eight at $1,400 e5? four at $1,200 each; in all, $102,160. { For the following employees now being paid from a general appro- .,,.¤I'.'°""pp,°,’§¤§§`}I,‘¤F°°' riationz One at $2,760; one at $2,520; three at $2,280 each; one at £1,800; six at $1,600 each; seven at $1,400 each; and two at $1,200 each; H1 all, $35,720. B tl M For per diem, in lieu of subsistence, of special agents and employees °°°i°l"°” ’ while traveling on duty away from their homes and outside of the District of Columbia, at a rate not to exceed $4 per day, and for their transportation, for exggts and temporary assistance and for field service outside of the d trictdog Columb]i1;,g to be paid gt {gis rate og not exceeding` $8 per ay, an or trave expenses o officers an employees, and for the purchase of reports and_ materials for the reports and bulletins of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and for sub- humans, AM vention to "International Association for Labour Legislation " and eaaeumumm Legnecessx expenses connected with representation of the 'iinited """°“* States vemment therein, $64,090. For books, periodicals, and newspapers for the library the sum of P°'*°“°““·°*°· $100 may be expended for newspapers for the purpose of strike data, and the annual subscriptions for newspapers an periodicals for the bureau may be paid in advance $1,000. To enable the Secretary o Labor to provide and pay for the medical ,,,§‘}*_,‘:,‘ examination of employees of,the United States receiving com_pensa- V 01 35 557 tion for injuries under the provisions of the Act of May tlzurtieth, ’°' ’ nineteen hundred and eight, as directed by section five of said Act, and for clerical assistance in its administration, and for subsistence tranzgwortation, and traveling expenses of officeis and employees of the ureau of Labor Statistics while traveling on duty away from their homes and outside of the District of Co umbia while e fed in the investigation of claims arising under the provisions of said ct, $3 000° . Immigration Bn- BUREAU or IMMIGRATIONZ Commissioner General, $5,000; Assist- mu. ant Commissioner General, who shall also act as clerk and actuary, $3,500; private secretary, $1,800* chief statistician, $2,000; clerks——three of class four, four of class three, seven of class two, nine of class one, nine at $1,000 each, seven at $900 each; two messengers; assistant messenger; in all, $62,400. _ Division of Information: Chief, $3 500; assistant chief, $2,500* ,,,,I,‘f°'”‘°“°“ Di"' clerks—two of class four, one of class three, two of class two, three of class one, one at $900; messenger; in all, $19,340. BUREAU or NATURALIZATIONZ Commissioner of Naturalization, ,,{',,f"""“‘"°" B“‘ $4,000; deputy commissioner, $3,250· clerks—five of class four, nine of class three, twelve of class two, fifteen of class one, ten at $1,000 each, two at $900 each; messenger; two assistant messengers; messen er boy, $480; in all, $80,010. _ _ _ _ , B (%ILDBEN,S BUREAU: Chief, $5,000; assistant chief, $2,400; St8hlStl· °"‘“"’ "'°°"" cal expert, $2,000; {private secretary to chief of bureau, $1,500* clerks——two of class our, two of class three, one of class two, one of class one, one $1,000; special agents—one $1,400, one $1,200; copyisti messenger; m all, $25,640. For the following additional employees for the Chi1dren’s Bureau, ,,,$,.‘§§f“°"" °'“‘ namely: Expert on sanitation, $2,800; industrial expert, $2 000* social-service expert, $2,000; librarian expert, $2,000; two clerks of class three; four clerks of class two; seventeen clerks of one; nine clerks, at $1,000 each; special agent, $1,800; four special agents,