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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. 507 $5l5§%1£)lbICT Comrrs: N inety-three district judges, at $6,000 each, D*¤*=*°*1¤¤=¤·~ Drsrmcr comrr, Tmnnrronr or Hawsnz Two judges, at $6,000 H¤*¤*id*¤’°**¤*¤¤¤¤— each; clerk, $3,000; reporter, $1,200‘ $16,200. . Rirrmun moons: To gay the salaries of judgses retired under gsgféggugilsjs- M section seven hundred an ourteen of the Revised tatutes, so much " ’p` as may be necessary for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen. Dim, t { CN Comer or APPEALS, Drsrmcr or Conmmuz Chief Justice, $7,500; court cslpbcusmm two associate justices, at $7,000 each; clerk, $3,250, and $250 additional as custodian of the Court of Appeals Building; assistant or depiggy clerk, $2,250; relporter $1,500: Provided, That the reports issu EH him shall not e sold for more than $5 per volume; crier, who sh also act as stenographer and typewriter in the clerk’s office when not engaged in court room, $1,200; three messengers, at $720 each; necessary expenditures in the conduct of the c erk’s omce, $1,000; three stenographers, one for the chief justice and one for Hm ,,.0,,, mmc, each associate justice, at $1,200 each; in all, $36,710, one-half of '°"¤¤°•· which shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia. Suramm Comrr, Drs·rn1o·r or Comnmu: Chief justice and five ,,,£,'§§,{*,°l‘,.§’,§,,°f’*““""“ associate judges at $6,000 each; six stenographers, one for the chief justice and one for each associate ijustice, at $900 each· in all, $41,400 mu from new pgphallf of which shall be paid rom the revenues of the District of '°"“"“”‘ um ia. Comussroima Ymmowsroxn PARK: Commissioner in Yellow- §. {“"‘ stone National Park, $1,500. The provisions of section twenty-one "°‘· “°· P- 18*- of the legislative executive, and judicial appropriation Act dalpproved May twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred andpnmety-six, sh not be construed as the right of said commissioner to receive said salary asherein provided. _ _ Books for mmm Booxs ron ronrcun ormcmzs: For purchase and rebinding of law umm. books and books of reference for United States judges, district attorneys, and other judicial officers, including the nine libraries of the United States circuit courts of gppeals, to be expended under the 1.,,,,,,,, direction of the Attorney Gener : Provided, That such books shall m;°f¤!g¤¤*¢¤¤ M M- in all cases be transmitted to their successors in office; all books pur- ‘ chased thereunder to be plainly marked, "The property of the United S°”·t°S>” $16¤000· . . com or cactus Counr or Cusrous APPm1.s: Presiding Ludge and four associate Appear. judges, at $7,000 each; marshal, $3,000; cler , $3,500; assistant clerk, $2,000; five stenographic clerks, at $1,600 each; stenographic reporter, $2,500; messenger, $840; in all, $54 840. _ _ wmumms “_ For rent of necessary quarters in Washington, District of Columbia, pass. and elsewhere $7,000; necessary traveling expenses of members of the court and clerk, $150; books, periodicals, stationery, supplies, freight, telephone and telegraph, heat, light, and power service, drugs, chemicals, cleansers, furniture, and printing; 2:];; of bailiffs and all other necessary employees not otherwise specifi y provided for; and such other miscellaneous expenses as may be approved by the presiding judge, $6,500; in all $13 650. Camo") I Comrr or Camus: Chief justice, $6 500; four judges, at $6,000 each; chief clerk, $3,500; assistant clerk, $2,500; ailiff, $1,500; clerks·—one $1,600, three at $1,400 each, two at $1,200 each; steno§— rapher, $1,200; chief messenger, $1,000; three firemen; three watc · men; elevator conductor, $720; two assistant messengers; two laborers; two charwomen; in all $56,680. A dm tc For auditors and additional stenographers, when deemed necessary, ° ”’° ‘ in the Court of Claims, and a stenographer, at $1,600, for the chief justice, to be disbursed under the direction of the court, $7,000. cmmgmt For stationery, court library, repairs, including repaus to bicycles, °‘*’°°°°" fuel, electric light, electric elevator, and other miscellaneous expenses, $3,900.