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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cus. 141, 142. 1914. 509 intended to be used for purchase, maintenance, repair, or operation of motor·propelled or horse-drawn Ipassenger-carrying vehicles, specifying the sums required, the pub c purposes for which said vehicles are intended, and the officials or employees by whom the same are to be used. Sec. 6. That all laws or parts of laws to the extent piggy are incon- ng_,¢¤°¤;*¤¢¤¤* 1¤v¤ sistent with rates ofsalaries or compensation appropria by this Act “ are repealed, and the rates of salaries or compensation of officers or h°%¤·¤¤;Md¤gd*~{” ¤¤ employees herein aplpro&riated shall constitute the rate of salary) or P ' compensation of suc officers or employees, respectively, until other- · wise fixed by annual rate of appropriation or other law. Approved, July 16, 1914. cnn. 142.-An ici To provide for sgi-acuimsi may ct lands withdrawn, ami- '¤*{S{Z,;,f{’**- fied, orrepmted ascontainingphcsphate, mtnte, potash, oil, gas, oraspbaltic minerals. Be·£tenadedby theSe1•atea1sd House ¢y'R'ip11;eaenlat·ivesof the UmZted· States of America in Congress assembled t lands withdrawn or ruuueimis. classified as phghate, nitrate, potash, oil,E§s or asphaltic minerals, ,,,,§§f§{,u§’§ °*?f,,“,§,}l*{,,‘ or which are v able for those deposits, all be sulzjlect to appro- {•tc¤¤¤ M ¤¤¤¤¤\t¤¤· priation, location, selection entry, or {purchase, if 0 erwise avail- ` able, under the nonmineral land laws o the United States, whenever such location, selection, entry, or purchase shall be made with a view of obtaining or passing title with a reservation to the United lliinlusmservcd. States of the deposits on account of which the lands were withdrawn or classified or reported as valuable, togpther with the right to prospect for, mine, and remove the same; ut no desert entry made D°"‘““"""" under the provisions of this Act shall contain more than one hun- hmm dred and sixty acres: Provided That all applications to locate, cmemim in appliselect, enter, or purchase imder section sha state that the same °‘°'°"‘ are made in accordance with and subject to the provisions and reservations of this Act. Sec. 2. That ugm satisfactory proof of full cosililpliance with the wig; °' ¤°¤*”¤¤¤¤l provisions of the ws under which the location, ection entry or ` urchase is made, the locator, selector, entryman, or purchamer shall he entitled to a patent to the land located, selected, entered, or purchased, which patent shall contain a reservation to the United States of the deposits on account of which the lands so patented were withdrawn or classified or reported as valuable, together with the right to prospect for, mine, and remove the same, such deposits to be sub]ect to disposal by the United States only as shall e hereafter expressly directed by law. Any person qualified to acquire the mgB¤¤d *¤¤’ P’“°P°°'*‘ reserve deposits may enter upon said lands with a view of prospect- ' ing for the same upon the approval lay the Secretary of the Interior of a bond or undertaking to be file with him as security for the pgyment of all dama§es to the crotps and improvements on such ds by reason of suc prospecting, e measure of any such damage to be fixed by agreement of parties or lay a court of competent jurisdiction. Any person who has acquire from the Unite States the m,%¤s •¤¢¤¤• 1¤¤r· title to or the right to mine and remove the reserved deposits should ° the United States dispose of the mineral deposits in lands, may reenter and occupy so much of the siuface thereof as may be required for all purppses reasonably incident to the minin and removal of the minera therefrom, and mine and remove su<§1 minerals, upon payment_of damages caused thereby to the owner of the land, or upon giving a_good and sufficient bond or undertaking therefor m an action inst1tuted_m agi competent court to ascertain and Ex _ said damages: Provided, at nothing herein contained shall be {"""·’°·,,,,, ,, dh, . . PPWS held to deny or abmdge the right to present and have prompt con- g,g;_¤¤i¤¤¤¤ ¤¤=¤¤¤— sideration of applications to locate, se ect, enter, or purchase, under