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514 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 155, 156, 186. 1914. il§YIg7iggé:l CHAP. 155.-An Act For the retirement of H. R. Drake. tP¤b¤¤. N¤·141-l Be it enacted by the Senate and Hmtsgergltielgrresentatives of the United gear-Dm_ maybe States of America in O0ngress_assem11 , at the President of the pmteq master sg- United States IS hereby authorized to promote H. R. Drake, formerly }_‘,§"°§°°‘“°‘“*·°°°’°’ a sergeant m Troop _A, Fifth Regiment United States Cavalry, to master siinal 6l.G0bI'1018.I1, and to p ace him on the ret1red hst of the A.rmy wi full pay and allowance of said rank. Approved, July 17, 1914. i7§iYRi3i;g£i _ 156.-A.n Act To authorize the construction of a bridge across the Missis-

 s1pp1 River at or near the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

, Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives of the United m§¤¤¤ i€»p:5¤iB§·;gg cfu assembléd, tghat the_BatondRo1li§e m a corpora 1on orgamzed un er e umm, mugs. laws of the State of Louisiana, its successors and assigns, be, and are hereby, authorized to construct maintain, and operate a bridge and ggpproaches thereto across the hiississippi River at or near the city of _aton Rouge, Louisiana, at a point suitable to the interests of na a-

 tion, m accordance. with the provisions of an Act entitled "Anv-igct

to regulate the construction of bridges over na able waters," approved March twentg-third, nineteen hundred anvdgsix: Provided, {gis. however, That reasonab e rates of toll may be charged and received and no ggte fg; passage of a single passenger on a railroad train shall r exceed cen . anmdmeuc. Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, July 17, 1914. _ ${§iYl%8$g;3- Act To increase the efiiciency of the aviation service of the ..;.;.._;, Y, ED O!' 0 Q! (Public, No. 143.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re esentati the United iliiiiim mass G: States of Anierica. in Congress assembled, Jllhaiahthere sh?zi‘ll8l)1`7e·reafter be, S*§’,§},§,‘j‘gf"°°‘°**· and there is hereby created, an aviation section, which shall be a` part of the S1 Corps of the Army,_ and which shall be, and is _ereby, charged _ with the duty_of operating or supervising the operation_of all II1l.l1i»§l.1’y air craft mcluding balloons and aeroplanes, all appliances pertaining to craft, and signaling a paratus of any kind when installed on said craft; also with the d)uty of training officers and enlisted men in matters rt ` to military aviation. mgmpgggdggg Egliswd Sno: 2. That, in addition to such ogcers and enlisted men as shall ‘ be from the Signal Corps at large to executive, administra- %grg;1scfi1(i1t1s:ti8%to(§·uother t_uty ifxgi or for tltietzgviation section, there shall _ s 1 avia ion 0 cers no ex t ° b}g§,*l§;°g,§}mj_?m*g$¤· and two hundred and sixty ayiation enlisted men osgxallt said aviation officers and aviation enlisted men, all of whom shall be engaged on dunes pertaining to said aviation section, shall be additional to the officersand enlisted men now allotted by law to the Signal Corps, the commissioned and enlisted strengths of which are hereby increased accordingly. ¤»¥’·%”““° ""‘“ ‘“‘° tt;-r.%€Z.‘??.‘§2}..‘Z?'EEit‘27ii” *"°££d.°ii i3' it ms “°°“°“bS"““* °‘°°¥* ““ _ spec c_ y o _ e contrary e selected rom Tcmofwmm amoni officers holding commissions in the lme if the Army with rank_ elow that of captain, and shall be detailed to serve as such m_31_ p_ M avmtion_otHcers for periods of four years, unless sooner relieved and pahe DIOVISIOHS of section twenty-seven of the Act of Congress approved ebruary second, nineteen hundred and one (Thirty-first Statutes,