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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 186. 1914. 515 page seven hundred and fi;fty·5ve) are hereby extended so as to a ply to said aviation officers and to the vacancies created in the line of) the "§_°,g;’S*f***°'P”“°'°“* Army by the detail of said officers therefrom, but nothing in said Act or in any other law now in force shall be held to prevent the detail or redetail at any time to fill a vacancy among the aviation omcers authorized by this Act, of any officer holding a commission in the line of the Army with rank below that of captain, and who, during rior service as an aviation officer in the aviation section, shall have become eslpecially proficient in military aviation. Aviation rcuma. There s all also be constantly attached to the aviation section a. sufficient number of aviation students to make, with the aviation ofiicers actually detailed in said section under the provisions of this Act, a. total number of sixty aviation officers and aviation students con- suwum, wu of stantly under assignment to or detail in, said section. Said aviation ’°""*°°’°'°‘ students, all of whom shall be selected on the recommendation of the chief signal officer from among unmarried lieutenants of the lme of the Army not over thirty ears of age shall remain attached to the aviation section for a sufficient time but in no case to exceed one year, to determine their fitness or unfitness for detail as aviation oili- No wmmmum cers in said section, and their detachment from their respective arms by mamma of service which under assignment to said section shall not be held to create in said arms vacancies that may be filled by promotions or _ original appointments: Provided That no person, except in time_of 1D,w,'°”"“;,,t°,m,,;. war, shall liiiiassigned or detailed against his will to duty as an avra- *°{{g,gnm_t ,0 ws tion student or an aviation officer: Provided$r·rther, That whenever n¤m¤¤ra»ma.¤z,¤te. under such regulations as the Secretary of ar shall prescribe and ublish to the Army, an officer assigred or detailed to duty of any Eind in or with the aviation section all have been formd to be mattentive to his duties, ineilicient, or incapacitated from any cause whatever for the full and efficient discharge of all duties that might properly be imposed upon him if he should be continued on duty m or with said section, said officer shall be returned forthwith to the branch of the service in which he shall hold a commission. Sec. 3. That the aviation omcers hereinbefore provided for shall ,,,€,Y{fm°“ °"*°°" be rated in two classes, to wit, as junior military aviators and as mili- ,0{S¤¤*°*¤¤**¤*v•v*~ tary aviators. Within sixty days after this Act shall take efect the Qimnmcrum or Secretary of War may, upon the recommendation of the Chief Signal P"°°"° °m°°“’ '°" Officer rate as junior mi 'tary aviators any officers with rank be ow that of captain, who are now on aviation duty and who have, or shall have before the date of rating so authorized, shown by practical tests, including aerial flights, that they are especially well qualified for mili- Subsequent mi _ tary aviation service; and after said rating shall have been made the °° ' rating of junior military aviator shall not e conferred upon any person except as hereinafter provided. Each aviation student authorized by this Act shall, while on duty {*n*£b=*;¤¤•¤*¤· that requires him to participate regularly and frequently in aerial y` flights, receive an increase o 25 Ipsr centum in the lpay o his grade JmmmHmry_wu_ and length of service under his e commission. ach duly quali- rm. fied jumor military aviator shall while so serving, have the rank, ,,§‘f"°'°°‘* “""°““" ay, and allowances of one grade higher than that held by him under his line commission, provided that his rank under said commission be not higher than that of first lieutenant, and, while on duty, requiripi him to participate regularly and frequently in aerial flights, he sh _ receive m ad tion an increase of 50 per centum in the pay of his Mmm,. ,,.,,,,,,_ grade and length of service under his line commission. The rating of R°”¤¤ ”¤¤**¤*· military aviator shall not be hereafter conferred upon or held by any person except as heremafter provided, and the number of officers Increased mae me with that rating shall at no time exceed fifteen. Each military avra- P"` tor who shall hereafter have duly qualified as such under the provisions of this Act shall, while so serving, have the rank, pay, and