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SIXTY·TIHRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1914. 519 Omen or CORPORATION COUNSEL2 Corporation counsel, $4,500; s°f}g{§§,gf*°° °°“¤· first assistant, $2,500; second assistant, $1,800; third assistant, $1,600; fourth assistant, $1,500; fifth assistant, $1,500; stenographers—-one $1,200, one $840; clerk, $720; in all, $16,160. _ SIN'@WG-FUND ormom, UNDER CONTROL or THE TREASURER on “““““g"“‘d °m°°‘ THE UNITED STATES: For additional com ensation to the clerk in the office of the Treasurer of the United States, designated by the Treasurer to perform the necessary clerical service in connection with the sinking fund and payment of interest on the debt of the District of Columbia, $500. C01z0NEE’ s orrxcmz Coroner, $1,800; morgue master, $720; assistant °°'°“°‘°° °“°°· morgue master and janitor, $600; hostler and janitor, $480; in all, $3,600. MARKET MASTERS! Two market masters, at $1,200 each; assistant “°'*"“"“"°"· market masters, who shall also perform the necessary labor in cleaning Sie markets, and one laborer for duty at Eastern Market, $2,280; in , $4,680. FARMERS, Pnonucm MAEKET: Market master, $900; assistant mar- P'°‘*“°°”""‘°*· ket master, who shall also act as night watchman, $600; watchman, $600; laborer for sweeping sidewalks on B, Little B, and Tenth and Twelfth Streets northwest and the center walk of the Farmers' Produce Market Square, and raking up space used for market purposes, $360; hauling refuse (street sweepings), $600; in all, $3,060. EASTERN MAnKET: Laborer for cleaning sidewalk and street where E”*°"' “'”’°‘· used for market purposes (farmers’ market), $300. WESTERN MARKET: Laborer for cleaning sidewalk and street where w°°°°‘“ ’“°'*‘°*· used for market piuposes (farmers’ market), $300. Fxsn w1—1A1zr AND uAnKET: Market master and wharlinger, who ,,§’,{,P,,“”‘°""‘ ***1 shall have charge of the landing of vessels, the collection of wharfage and dockagxg rentals and the collection of rents for Esh houses at the munici al h whari and market, $900; assistant market master, who shall also act as laborer, $600; in all, $1,500. t H WHARVES ron msn MAEKET: For reconstructing wharves at munic- w§°,.$,?,‘§l”.§J°° °‘ ipal fish wharf and market, including preparation oftplans and specifications and personal services, $50,000, or so much ereof as may be “°°°SS“‘7'· Su mama. ct Orrmn 01-* SUPERINTENDENT or wmoirrs, MEASURES, AND uAnKETs: niggameasum, me Superintendent, $2,500; two assistants, at $1,200 each; clerk, $1,200; m' "· laborer, $480; in all, $6,580. mm I in For purchase of small quantities of groceries, meats, provisions, ,i§;‘€{§¤,, °' v°’ and so forth, in connection with investigation and detection of sales of short weight and measure, $50. comm ENGIN'EER C01\[MISSION`ER’8 ormcnz Engineer of highways, $3,000; ,;,2-`:¤‘.}'EiI’3°¤ics. engineer of bridges, $2,250; superintendent of streets $2,000; super- ,m§j’_§}Q,f°{“,;,_ ’°°°‘"" intendent of suburban roads, $2,000; superintendent of sewers, $3,300; W, asphalts andcements——i.ns ector, $2,400: Provided, That the inspector P{E¤i1°i uapsem, of aslplhalts and cements shall not receive or accept compensation of · any 'nd from or perform any work or render any services of a character reg;Lii·ed of him officially by the District of Columbia to any person, , corporation, or mumcipality other than the District_of Columbia, assistant inspector $1,500; trees and parkings—superm— mmm I rs tendent $2,000, assistant superintendent $1,200; assistant engineers- M, ’ one $2,200, one $2,100, four at $1,800 each, two at $1,600 each, four at $1,500 each, one $1,350, one $1,200; transitmen——two at $1,200 each, one $1,050; rodmen—four at $900 each, eight at $780 each; twelve chammen, at $650 each; draftsmen—one $1,500, two at·$1,200 each, one $1,050; assistant engineer, $1,350; general inspector of I““’°°°°”’°°°‘ sewers, $1,300; inspector of sewers $1,200; bridge inspector, $1,200; inspectors—two at $1,500 each, five (including two of streets) at $1,200 each, one $1,000, one $900; transitman, $1,200; foremen—— twelve at $1,200 each, one $1,050, ten at $900 each; foreman, Rock