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SIXTYJIHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. 35 For installing an independent water supply in the Executive Man- W¤*¤‘ S¤1>P¤¥~ sion grounds (within iron fence) for fire mtecdon, $1,500. _ For extraordinary repairs and refurnis g of the Executive Man- p,,%"°°'°m“"" ’°‘ sion, to be expended by contract or otherwise, as the President may determine and to be immediately available, $15,000. For making alterations in the attic of the Executive Mansion to ’“‘°"‘“°°“·°*°· provide additional rooms, and for additional furniture, to be ex ended y contract or otherwise, as the President may determine, and to be immediately available, $9,500. For replacing the cement roofs on the east and west terraces with N°"'°°"'°"°”‘*°°•· new roofs $7 ,500. _ For fuel for the EXBCUt1VB Mansion and greenhouses, $6,000. F“°'· s For care and maintenance of greenhouses, Executive Mansion, °’°¤¤·¤·¤¤· 9 000. llor repairs to greenhouses, Executive Mansion, $3,000. For traveling expenses of the rreeiaeet of me United stetee, to be .fe’2'$§e.:‘.?“°° expended in his discretion and accounted for on his certificate solely, $2 ,000. For lighting the Executive Mansion, unds, and greenhouses L*"‘“”‘· including all necessary expenses of instgiition, maintenance, and regitir, $8,600, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ _ _ eirrme mn nnxrme ma rim runuc enomms: For hghting the ,,,§'g§,‘{,*,;*c¤g,'?,§‘,,§,,,f*;,_’•°‘ public grounds, watchmen’s logs, offices, and greenhouses at the propagating gardens, including necessary expenses of mstallation, - maintenance, and repair, $15,000; - For efiioes, watchmen’s lodges, and greenhouses at the prupasptang gardens, $3,820; In , $18,820 or so much thereof as may be necessary, one half of which sum shall be aid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and the other half gem the Treasury of the United States. G Tmncmrn ro oommcr run Carrror. wrrn ran nnrannmnrs ,,,,,,‘{,Y°"‘”‘°"‘ ‘°‘°' nm Govmmnmm Pmrvrme Ormcn: For care and repair of existing lm°“· $500* wauegxee umu- Wssmnsmx Morruuzmrrrz For the care and maintenance of the mem. WashingtonMonument, namely: Forcustodian, $1 ,200 ; steam engineer, ““‘°'“"°°• $960; assistant steam engineer, $840; fireman, $660; assistant fireman, $660; conductor of elevator car, $900; attendant on floor, $720; attendant on top floor, $720; three mght and day watchmen, at $720 each; in all, $8,820. Bmw For fuel, lights, oil, waste, packing, tools, matches, aints, brushes, brooms, lantems, rope, nails, screws, lead, electric ligllits heating apparatus, oil stoves for elevator car and upper lower iioors; repairs to ctggines boilers, dynamos, elevator, and regairs of all kinds connec with the Monument and machinery; an purchase of all necessary articles for kee ing the Monument, machmery, elevator, and electric plant in good) order, $3,000. 1,,,;;,;;,,,,,1,,,, u,,,,. _ Rmuuas or nurmmo wrman Annmm Lmcom nnznz For paint- hm L¤¤<>¤1¤ disdmgiapg miscellaneous repairs, $200. www, VL ovmrmvrs, nmrnrnscn or WAsmNer0N, Wnxnrrnnn, Vm- ’ cmu: For repairs to fences and cleaning up and maintaining grounds about the monument, $100. , com , , 0, Fm COMMISSION or Fnm Aars: To meet the expenses made necessary me by the Act approved May seventeenth, nineteen hundred and ten, $§f‘§,‘g,f°;g,,,_ entitled ".A.n ct establishing a Commission of Fme A.rts,” mcludlpg the purchase of cperiodicals, ma s, and books of reference, to be bursed, on vou ers approved by the commission by the officer in charge of public buildings and unds, who shall be the secretary I. and shall act as the executive oélszr of said commission, $5,000. Gmwmorm Mnuomsn ·r0 Gamma:. Umrssns S. GRANT: For continuing work ‘ for the erection of the memorial to General Ulysses S. Grant and for