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522 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1914. M°°°*‘ ’¤*=*°l¤· F rinaintenance care, and re air of automobiles motor c cles, and Mm ’ m` mot:-ir trucks, acquired for the gdirernment of the District of golumbia, that are not otherwise herein provided for, such personal services in connection therewit not otherwise herein authorized, as m§,§"°h°S° °““*°" the commissioners shall in writing specially order, and for the purchase of one additional motor vehicle erein specified ; namely:

  • ““"”°"“°°· Automobiles for the offices of the civilian commissioners and the

engineer commissioner, including the building ins tion and street cleaning divisions, surveyor’s office, and electrical elgwartment, twelve zp mpgudiug pgilpagp be purchased hereunder for the service of the

    • °*°‘°’°*°'· Motor cycles: One for the plumbing division, four for the street

cle? department, and three for the electrical department, eight “°‘°' *'°°'”· mMotor trucks: One for the municipal architect’s office, one for the electrical department, and one for the parking commission, three in all ; ,§§‘,‘;,,‘f‘ "°“°’°’ '°‘ In all, for motor vehicles, $13,034. _ All o said motor vehicles and_ all other mo3o1i)veh1cles proeyiidlpd fir m this Act ani all horse—drawn carri an uggiesown yte vrnmentoteDistritf Columliia shall be used only for purpésiesedirectly pertaining td: tlie public services of said District, and s all be under the direction and control of the commissioners, who ma from time to time alter or change the assignment for use ther] or direct the joint or interchangeable use of any of the same by ofdcials and emplo ees of the "'m,‘§,’,'{$,?,,,,,,_ Distrrct of Columbia: Provided, That no automobile shall lie acquired hereunder, by purchase or exchange, at a cost, mcluding the value of a Dmmmmmmd vehicle exchanged, exceeding $2,000 for one seating more than two marking required- persons or $1,000 for one seating not more than two persons: Provided {unhq, That all motor vehicles and all horse·drawn carriages and uggies owned by the ipxvernment of the District of Columbia shall be of uniform color and ve_ painted conspicuously thereon, in letters not less than three mches lugh and markedly contrasting in color with mm of the body color of the motor vehicle, the words: District of Columbia. mm. No part of any appropriation m this Act shall be expended for the purchase or maintenance of horses or horse·drawn vehicles for the use of the commissioners, or for the purchase or maintenance of horses or horse-drawn vehicles for inspection or other purposes for those officials mm in M or employees provided with motor vehicles. ,.,.;.,‘}‘l,.,"2,B.{ °" _ No {part of the money appropriated by this Act, except appropriations or the militia, shall used for the purchase, livery, or maintenance of horses, or for the purchase, maintenance, or repair of bugoies or carriages and harness, except as provided for in the appropriatlion for contingent and miscellaneous ex uses or unless the a propriation from whic the same is proposed to gg paid shall specifically authorize pllgglg mamtenance, and repair, and except also as m§}{§df¤·¤*¤¤°· P*°· PRN o pagtopg the money appiopriatted this Act shall be used for the eu remiums or 0 er cos o _ ¤p§,¥§‘n§*§,{{;•j;‘ej,*}°° *°*· lllldlephones connected with the system dfligdlrétlileiifizpeake and Potovet av, p. ni. mac Telephone Comipany may be maintained in the residences of the

ngpeerintendent of the water department, superintendent of sewers

gh e inspe¢1;t<§·1 of the street cleaning d1vision, secretaugy of the Board oi anties, de th officer, chief eng1neer_of_ the fire epartment, and Postage. supermtem entfof pphcei, unfger approilpnations contained in this Act. rare ··- M er TEE %?m% ?§¤Zg§’°?§§ 5*1 "“‘° }“°“°’* i“#°°°· “ iz e · aaa rr r v ° t °r wifi ° O°l`"”b'“ "‘° h""‘*by ‘*“‘h°" e ,_ in _ isc e 1on,_ o urnis necessary transportation in con— npeémiin wgth itncgy official busmess of the government of the District . 0_0\1!Dl@ teurc f fktsf " - L··%“‘· ameri m as ict; Ppmsm, a`?t£t”“Zt§Zx‘§,m‘{§‘$2r§§’K§?§’rL`?&‘€r’i?>r`i2§‘d shall be so apportioned as not to exceed a total of $5,000 for the fiscal