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524 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C1-1. 191. 1914. impmemnu and IM§PRO AND REPAIRS. A¤¤¤¤¤¤¢ md W- Assmssnnmwr Arm rnnmr wonx: For assessment and permit work, ma mr. $220,000. Work ¤¤ ¤¢¤¤¢¤ Md Wom: ON srnnnrs AND Avmmms: For work on streets and avenues "°°°°°` named in Appendix P, Book of Estimates, nineteen hundred and fifteen, $110,700, to be expended in the discretion of the commissioners upon streets and avenues specified in the schedules named in said appendix and in the aggregate for each schedule as stated herein, namely: ¤¤¤¤1¤¤~¤· Gnonemown scm¤mm.n: $6,000. · Nonmwnsr s1:c·r1oN scimnunm (except V Street, from_ Tenth Street to Florida Avenue, and K Street, rom Washington Circle to Twenty-eighth Street): $8,200. Sourswssr sncrrou sonmnunnz $21,000. Sournmsr snorron somununm (except I Street from Eleventh Street to Thirteenth Street, and Thirteenth Street from Pennsylvama Avenue to Potomac Avenue): $45,500. N onrmisr snorxon scnnnuu: (except K Street from Seventh Street to Tenth Street): $30,000. _ _ P'”‘”B¤,,,s· nd with Promlled, That streets and avenues named m said schedules already Belehn 1£e°r,•¢¢. aved with block or granite, except P Street northwest from Eock Creek to enty-eighth Street, shall) not be paved or otherwise improved under this appropriation, and the streets and avenues, excelpt as herein specified, shall be contracted for in the order in whic they appear in said schedules, and be corplpleted in such order as nearly as practicable, and shall be 6'paved, in e discretion of the commissioners, instead of beinggrad and rzgulated. New Iwvsments rm- Hereafter whenever under appropriations made by o ess, the mzdsgfmt 0, pw roadway of any street, avenue, or road in the District of Cuciliimbia is wgggate es: on improved by laying a new pavement thereon or completely resurfacing ° ""”’°'t"°t°° the same not less than one square in extent, from curb to curb, or from gutter to gutter where no curb exists, where the material used is sheet asphalt, asaghalt block, asphaltic or bituminous macadam, concrete, or other roadway [pavement, such proportion of the total cost of the work, including a expenses of the assessment, to be made as heremafter prescribed, shall be charged against and become a lien upon the abutting property, and assessments therefor shall be levied pro rata according to the linear frontage of said property on the street, avenue, or road, or portion thereo u on the roadwa of §°,§";,;.,‘f'”.,.,,,,,,d_ which said new pavement or resurfacing is laid: growled, That there shall be excepted from such assessment the cost of paving the roadway space included the intersection of streets, avenues, and roads, as said mtersections are included within the building lines projected, and also the cost of paving the space within such roadways or which street railway companies are responsible nmdcr their charters or under law on streets, avenues, or roads where such railways u have been or shall be constructed. ,§,§'§§§',_ “°" °‘ ‘“' The_ assessments hereinbefore provided for shall be levied in the following proportion, namely: One-half of the total cost u on the abutting property owners and the rem ° one·half and all of the expenses of maintenance and repairs to be paid from the revenues of the imma. District of Columbia and from the Treasu of the United States in ,,§}§Y°° °' *° ‘°°° equal agarts: Provided, That where the wigh of the street, avenue, or ro to be paved or completely resurfaced from curb to curb or gutter to gutter as the case may be, shall exceed forty feet, the excess M p_ 565 including the cost of intersections or s aces within which street rail- ’ ways are re3uired to pave, shall be paid) for one-half out of the Treasury of the mted States and one·half out of the revenues of the Distnct of Columbia.