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SIXTY~THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1914. 529 For purchase or condemnation of rights of way for construction, R’€‘“s°'w¤>'· maintenance, and repair of public sewers, $1,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Anacostia main mterceptor: For continuing construction of the u.;l”“"°“°° l"""°°*’ Anacostia main interceptor along the Anacostia River between the outfall sewer, sewage- isposal system, at Poplar Point, and Benning, District of Columbia, $50,000. Rock Creek main interceptor: For continuing construction of the t,,§°°k°'°°"”‘*°’°`°’ Rock Creek main interceptor from P Street to Military Road, $40,000. srnnnrs. sms- Dusr 1>nsvnN·r1oN, CLEANING, AND sNow nmmvu.: For dust °l°°“i““’°°°‘ prevention, sweeping, and cleaning streets, avenues, alleys, and suburban streets, under the immediate direction of the commissioners, and for cleaning snow and ice from streets, sidewalks, cross- ;.,£°"‘°""“‘ "‘°" "“° walks, andfutters in the discretion of the commissioners, including servicm an purchase and maintenance of eiigpment, rent of storage rooms; maintenance and repairs of stables, e, purchase, and maintenance of horses ; hire, purchase, maintenance, and repair of wagons, harness, and other equipment, allowance to inspectors and foremen for maintenance of horses and vehicles used in the yiprforinance of oflicial duties, not to exceed $25 per month for eac inspector or foreman ; dpurchase, mamtenance, and repair of bicycles; and necessary inci ental expenses,_$270,000, and the commissioners shall so apportion this appropriation as to prevent a deficiency therein. rsrosai. or crrr nmrusn: For collection and disposal of garbage £"*""" °' °’"’ ”" and dead animals; miscellaneous refuse and ashes from private residences in the city of Washington and the more densely populated suburbs; collection and disposal of night soil in the District of Columbia; payment of necessary mspection, livery of horses, and incidental expenses, $179,945. or the purposes of investigating and reporting upon the collection b§,'?Y°J,’E'£‘ '"' and disposal of garbage and other city waste originat' in the District of Colum ia, including the pre aration of plans aliis specifications for the construction o plants, the necessary accesseries, and the employment of personal services and suc other incidental expenses as may be necessaryhto carry out the purposes of this aplpropriation, $7,500: Provided, at this sum shall not be Ramciim. availa e for the payment of traveling or subsistence expenses. P mg Panxmc commission: For contingent expenses, including labor- °” ers, trimmers, nurserymen, repair men, and teamsters, cart hire, trees, tree boxes, tree stakes, tree straps, tree labels, planting and care of trees on city and suburban streets, care of trees, tree spaces, maintenance of automobile truck, and miscellaneous items, $41,930. B bm], Barnrse nmcn: Superintendent, $600; watchman, $480; tem- °°m”° ' porary services, supplies, and maintenance, $500 to be immediately available, $2,250; for repairs to building;. pools and upkeep of grounds, $1,500, to be immediately availa le; in all, $4,830. Public m,,,_,_ Pumxc scams: For replacement and repair of public scales, and all public scales may be used for weighing and verifying the weight of all commodities, $200. mnmd mh For the purchase and installation of a new twenty-five-ton railroad scale, to be immediately available, $1,200. PLAYGROUNDSZ For maintenance, e ui ment, supplies, t00lS, 0011- §i$i§?1.`i¥.i!,°.,`_ struction of toilet facilities, wading poolls, iencing, grading and repairs, including labor and materials, and necessary incidental and contingent expenses for all playgrounds, including not to exceed $100 for rent of storage houses, un er the direction and supervision of the commissioners, $12,490; 91006°-vox. 38—Pl' 1——34