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36 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913Z each and every purpose connected therewith, to be available until explended, $25,000. d°s_•¤3?¤ g>m_C;mm¤· NVEILIN;G scurun or- Comeononn Jorm Bazar: For 1mveilin§ vol, 34, P, mf and dedicating the statue of Commodore J ohn Barry and for each an every purpose connected therewith mcluxtx erecting and taking glpwspo viewing stands and putting the gro nn sigh y condition, {·,§}f’g‘gf Q,f°*;g"{,’;),_ Mmaomu. Comnssrozgz For commencing work for the 31, p. um. · erection of the Lincoln Memorial m accordance with the plans and design and on the location approved by Congress and for each and esggpyopurpose connected therewith, to be immediately available, mRg_°g_;g{}¤¤*¤¤· nun masons, oozrrnacr wonx: Toward the construction Construction. of works on harbors and rivers under contract and otherwise, and vow) Im W within the limits authorized by law, namel : as, p. mi °` ‘ For work authorized bg the river and ]181£01‘ Acts of e` hteen hun- Sm dred and nmety-mne an nineteen hundred and ten, as lgllowsz remov o tissima , , . ”“'“"°°'°“L t..I‘£.¥L'§& l3§?3.f’§ ““ S3 °"i¤‘S‘2.i.”"éhIZ`>°508°“°‘”"i“g V°l-3*·¤>-im- h For work; authorize;} uby the river and harbor Act of nineteen undredan seven,as o ows: °°'“""'“" imI‘?§L‘§$0i‘”tt."°m»'.é‘$.}3.?€'2t.u¤“’ ti“§i'1·.‘3‘o“3‘t°”°’ F"' °°“"‘““‘“g °‘°'°‘°"‘*· °"’°· _ Iinproving harbor at Cleveland, Ohio; For continuing imlprovement m accordance with plan for new harbor entrance and reakwggqp mma mm N I extension, m completion of contract authorization, $51,000.

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U _ assaic er , main L " °“"’°· _ Improving harbor at San Luis Obispo, Californih: For continuing mt nmptrlovement m_completion of contract authorization $46 000, mm “°"‘ m"°'· proving Samtld) River Mielngam ; For conti, ning, ‘ Naw ¤¤¤*=- ment at the falls by xsconsmiction o a new lock, with alslegagxtz canal, $1,475,000. v°'- ‘*°· P- m For works authorized th d harbo ° cm mr mm dmlgland Fan, ig foH0gs§>yR e river an r Act of nineteen hun- N·¤- ’, P!‘°W¤8 ¤P•> ¢¤1‘ ,NrthC1i: ‘· M·°*· W¤¤·i¤s¢¤¤- improvement by the comtmclzigi of axixdoddlrilns flgdvdw ton, in completion of contract authorization, $315 000, T9,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R,,,,,_ Improving Cumberland River below Nashvillb, Tennessee: For ““‘ ’3?’éE?f£;‘§’°é2”Iul’1la°t2l§§“““£‘§$l3t‘0°‘ ‘°°’“ “‘“* dm, ‘“ ¤.i?°·i·Z~;'§,°° Sup °"‘“' Improving Houston Ship Channel?l1`exas’: For continui im mw. ment of the channel formerly designated as Galveston $1%; Cgiumgl Omolmmi and Buffalo Bappu, in comlpgotion of contract authorization, $950 000. Specnhed [mk; and _ 0 0 R1V01‘ OW P1ttSbl1 h • ' "‘““ g;1w§gSe¤mpr¤¤§>gne¤tTby t1rfc;vconstructior¤§ df Locks ahTlm1%a1§•¢§IlWi¤‘hI;- re ven, me, 61 , · . ° §g:g%·351¤, md Foi’W·§iIght, ill Zgmlnlldltigiiogi 20::;:3 axvtfgnqgaxtiggi Pr0Yld8¤ce River ’ ° · . me H im, R. 1. _ Improymv Providence R° d H . M gmx? ,,a.v..gtfb9tw;‘3I §a1t“i»*3i§2$.£3d&.I§l2‘$d1».{li?.i°§.i‘& mt Sm piLtiO..‘§?Sc§§‘€rZLt°t%til,$t;*§*$§’ §§0”t‘6'0°"°"° F‘°"‘S %°i“*· i¤ com- _LakB - , 7 . 1 • · a;—»-»¤·~·- »~··»,..§:s:.;.%°:;%J;*5:...l‘£<:2’2,*22*2;*.‘§:;1*?:iz;kF:;t;z*::m¤i¤g im-

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me _ ’ in c“§.%§§i?§¤ 2F2'?$;‘$?§ttl.'3$i’;¥.§2€; ”Q‘§3%°§${3“‘““g *““*"`°"°‘“¤*· Ewa" Ewen OM- _ tlémproving Siuslaw River, Oregon: For continuing improvgmgnt b {$015 §§O't?O"5*fU°¤ ¤t the mouth, in completion of contract authoria y