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550 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1914. V°*· at P- 151- rem for the assessment of benefits. The proceedings in such case shall be under and in accordance with the provisions of subchapter one of chapterfifteen of the Code of Law for the District of Coluni ia, vumatu sym. in so far as the same are ap licable. It shall be the duty of the ]ury provided for in said proceedling to lind as s ecial benefits the increase m value which such reclamation and devellipment has added to each lot, piece, or parcel of land abutting such improvement, and adlacent thereto, and any other lot, piece, or parce of land m the District of Columbia, which it ma find will be peciallg benefited by reason of said improvement; ana? of the amount whic said jury s all find such lots, pieces, or arcels of land so benefited it shall assess_onehalf thereof upon sudh lot, ieee, or parcel of land. In determining the amounts to be assessed) against said lots, pieces, or parcels o land, the jury shall take into consideration the respective situations and topographical conditions of said lots, pieces or parcels of land, and the benefits and advantages they may specially receive from such reclamation and development, and where any part of any lot, piece, or parcel of land has been dedicated for the purplpse of such rec amation and development, the in determining w ether the remainder of said lot, piece, or parcellligrland is to be assessed for benefits and the amount of beneits, if any, to be assessed thereon, shall also take into consideration the fact of such dedication and the value of land ,,,§’,§’,'{‘°“°" “‘d P"' so dedicated. The said assessments shall be levied and collected under the provisions of said subchapter one of cha ter fifteen of the Code of Law for the District of Columbia and shall be paid into the Tre of the United States, to the credit of the United States and of tlisgstrict of Columbia in ual parts, and when finally ratified and confirmed b the court shall severally be a lien upon the land assessed and shah be collected as special imiprovement taxes in the District of Columbia, and shall be payable in ve equal annual installments with interest at the rate o four per centum per annum from and after days after the confirmation of the verdict of the `ury. ven. :u, p. isi. Where not otherwise herein tpfrovided for, all of the rovisions oflsaid subcha ter one of chapter teen of said Code of {raw for the District ofp Columbia shall be applicable to the levying and collecting of said special assessments. smmparn. SMALL PARKS. géggggmgj? Forthecondemnationofsniallparkareasattheintersectionsofstreets rm, p. cas. outside of the hmits of the original city of Washin%<;n, to be acquired from such areas slitplwndicgn the map cgi fiée in the o e og tlie eglgsgmeer commissioner, m e cre ion o the ommissioners o the trict gyuggimnn pm of Columbia, $25,000: Prmjded That such condemnation shall be emma. under and m accordance with the provisions of subchapter one of §§',,;,§‘gg’,;§§g,d H chapter fifteen of the Code of Law for the District of Columbia: Prob¤¤¤¤¤· further, That of the amount found to be due and awarded by the Jury in any SUGl;J)1`0(7BG(l.l.l1g as damages for and in respect of the lan to be condemn for said parks, £lus the costs and expenses of the proceeding thereunder, not less an one-half thereof shall be assessed b& the jury as benefits, which, when collected, shall be covered into e 'freasuiéy of the United States, one—half to the credit of the United States an one—half to the credit of the District of Columwgeded ¤> park sys- bra. The public parks so acquued shall become a art of the ark Kham of the District of Columbia and be under tli)e control oi) the 'ef of Engineers of the United States Army. WMM D¤¤¤r¢m¤¤¢· WATER DEPARTMENT. Pzmms from wm: The following sums are appro riated to carr on the o rations of mmm the water department, to be paid wholly fromlits revenupeg, namely: