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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 206, 208-210. 1914. 555 Any mortgbage, lieu, or encumbrance created under the provisions S“*’l°°“°*°“°°- hereof shall e subject to the rights of the Government to compel the enforcement of the terms of the lease or contract of the mortgagor, and any purchaser under a foreclosure of such eucumbrance shall take subject to all the conditions assumed by the original lessee or contractor. All provisions of existing law in relation to said.park not in con- ,,.,l.:'{’L‘,$,‘T,‘§'?*°"°‘ l°”‘ ilict herewith are hereby continued in full force and effect. Approved, July 23, 1914. CHAI}. 208.-An Act To amend section four ot an Act entitled "An Act granting fi,¥?;¥’gi;%?j a for the construction, maintenance, and_op_eration of a treet railway sys- -——-—-——— tem in the distnct of South Hilo, count? of Hawaii, emtory of Hawaii/’ approved [P“b“°· N°· “°·l August first, nineteen hundred and twe ve. Be it emwted the Senate and House 0 Representatives 0 the United States asf Ame1-ig in Congress asse·mbled°fThat section foui: of an Act gig} entitl "An Act granting a franchise for the construction, main- °"t'?$,‘l, 37, P, 245, tenance, and operation of a street railway system in the district of ¤¤¤¢¤¢·d· South Hilo, county of Hawaii, Territory of Hawaii/’ appiroved August first, nineteen hundred and twelve, is hereby amen ed so phleit the first. paragraph of subsection (e) thereof shall read as o ows: "(e) The construction of the railway shall be commenced, and at ,,§,“§,°,,f{’,{,d‘{°“’°'°° least the sum of $20,000 shall have been expended or contracted to be expended within four years after the passage of this Act by the Congress of the United States, and at least two miles shall be completed, equipped, and ready for the transportation of passengers within two years after such commencement. Approved, July 25, 1914. CHAP. 209.-An Act Authorlzxg the Secretary of the Treasury to disregard section thirty-th:ec_of the public b Act of March fourth, nineteen hun red and thirteen, as to site at Owego, New Yer . Be it enacted by the Senate and House 3 Riegresentatives of the United N Y Sum.; of Amwakna in Oongrees aasembl , at the Secretary of the S,‘§'§§§’bund?§¤aa Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized, in his discretion, to (l1S• *°$;{°,jgfgf·g}0_ °°· regard that hpp-xrtion of section thu·ty-three of the public_bu1ld1.ngs Act approved ch fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, which requires that the Federal building site selected at Owego, New York, shall be bounded on at least two sides by streets. Approved, July 25, 1914. xsi zz,1814. CHAP. 210.-An Act To authorize the county of of Missouri, to con- lg-5‘6’·l struct a brid e across the White River in Barry County, un, at or near a point [P,,bu,,,N,,_ my known as Goiidens Ferry. Be it emzcted the Senate ana H ouse o Representatives of the United , V States of Amerigla in Congress assembled? That the county of _Barry, Edit? biiuiiy, mt., State of Missouri, and its assigns be, and IS hereby, authorized to gg; ,!},’§g§f· "” G°" construct, maintain, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto across the White River at a point suitable to the interests of navigation, at or near Goldens Ferry, more fully described as the crossmg on Golden and Cassville public road, in section six, township twenty- one, range twenty-five west, fifth principal meridian, in the county of Barry, in the State of Missouri, in accordance with the provisions