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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 215. 1914. 565 curbing (which can not be delivered), and which amount was covered into the Treasury as a miscellaneous receipt. Bm,__ The Secretary of the Treasury, in acquiring sites for public buildings wgQm#m¤3si=11r_;H¤c¤;t;:s= in cities and towns with a population of less than ten thousand, may, ven. av, p. seo. ' in his discretion, waive the provision contained in existing law which provides that sites so acquired shall face on two streets. cusroms snnvrcm. Cmm °°m°°' To defray the expenses of collecting the revenue from customs, C°“°°“°8 ’°"““°· $300,000. . runmc HEALTH smzvrcn. sagublw H°°m` S"' The accounting officers of the Treasury are authorized and directed u,gYg’°“'° L‘“’°‘“‘ to settle and allow accounts for paly of the chiefs of the divisions of 0,i3*;gh%lg$_g¤¤¤¤· ¤¤¤¤*¤ chemistry, pharmacology, and zoo ogy in the Hygienic Laboratory, ' to and including April twentieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, on the same basis and 111 the same_amounts as said accounts were settled and allowed by said accounting officers prior to November first, nineteen hundred and thirteen. muvnnun-cu·rrmz snnvrom. B,,,,,,B°'?”“°'°“*‘°‘ For repairs to revenue cutters, $4.393.51. B°*’“‘“°°““°"‘ mnnrnnnam ranasunr. ¤gid°p°°d°°° Tm" For contingent Independent Treasury including the °°°““‘°“°°‘P°°’°’· same objects specified under head in the sundiiyicivil appropriation Act for the Escal year nmeteen hundred and ourteen, $80,000. msrnior or oommein. . ”“***“°‘°°*¤·¤°** Nothing contained in the District of Columbia a ropriation Act '°°t°&`Z&: for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen shallibe construed as ’°f’,§',*},’;’I,{'g‘,,,_i)"’;***’°"'· relieving street railway companies from bearing all of the expenses of paving streets or avenues between the exterior rails of the tracks of their roads in the_ District of Columbia and for a distance of two feet from and exterior to_ such traclrs on each side thereof and of keeping the same in rqpanr, as required by section five of the Act V°‘·’°·P·‘°°· providing a permanent orm of government for the District of Columia, approved J ime eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-ei§ht. ConoNr:n’s ormon: To pay the deputy coroner for services uring D°P¤*Y ¢<>¤>¤¤f· the absence of the coroner for the fiscal years that follow: For nmeteen hundred and fourteen, $115. For nineteen hundred and thirteen, $15. Coxriuomrr AND mscnmiusrmousz For contingent of the ‘§‘,,"}§‘,§‘,€°.§‘f,§,Z‘,,‘,§f""’· coroner’s office, including the same objects specified un er this head in the District of Columbia appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $470.50. _ Advmmn mmm For advertising taxes in arrears, including the same objects speci- mem. g fied under this head in the District of Columbia appropriation Act for the fiscal year mnlpteep hundred and fouptedqn, $$5.2.17. b Public schools Punmc scno0Ls: or ongevit pay, inc u `ng e same o_ jects ·_ specified under this head in the District of Columbia appropnatwn Longevity my Acts for the fiscal years that follow: For nineteen hundred and eleven, $1,000. For nineteen hundred and ten, $443. For nineteen hundred and nine, $287.33.