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568 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 215. 1914. ursuant to a joint resolution approved Aniust ninth, nineteen hungred and twelve, with the sum of $860.52, eing the amount of the actual personal expenditures of the members of the commission appointed under said resolution when employed on said invest' a- tion, and disallowed ainst Lieutenant Moreno on the books of lghe Tre ag as . Cg·,},’g,g,”;',°¤_“°“°”“ Memorial Commission: Authority is hereby giyen to pay H- A- V¤1¤- A. Vale for services as secretary of the Lincoln Memorial Commission from Me.rch_sixteenth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, to Febmary seventh_, nmeteen hundred and fourteen, the sum of $1,000 gpm appropriations now available for the erection of the Lincoln emon _}l‘2,',f.,§,‘f,1.${"}',,’5»—,‘,§{’,; _ To erect at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland, under the direc- °,§,¤$*,§§;{·§;§°*° ¤* tron of the Secretary of War, a monument in memory of Francis Scott Key, author of The Star—Spangled Banner, and the soldiers and sailors wlgyarticipated m the Battle of North Point and the attack on Fort M enry in the War of Eighteen hundred and twelve, $75,000, or so oammrmr cram. much thereof as may be necessary. In the pre aration of the plans and selection of a site for_ said monument, andp the execution of all work m connection therewith, the Secretary of War shall form a committee, composed of the mayor of Baltimore, the chauman of the N atronal Star-Spang1ed—Banner Centennial, the president of the board gf park upgmmisdgoners p:r5I}al_ti€more, and two other plersorgsii to be esigna y Secre o ar,w osesu tion esh invite rmam. and with whom he may confer and consult: Igrovided, however, That ,,,,°f§P” °'w"'“’ the of the Secretary War shall be final in all matters: ”""“"““`““` $Z.f”€f‘¥.m.* '"“’£.‘. T-“.r,°r.“t.r°“°.’{. l‘ir.°€°‘“pr0g.-.s.“""‘°.€}'E‘§‘$y.§'£‘1“£’..{’.?, ""‘"‘ *t’“‘ r ll 1'0ql]ISl OD. of the Secretary of ar. , Amy- MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT. Quartermsster C,,,p,_ qumrmamsrnn oonrs. ¥°**°¤¤ <“=¤¤b- For transporting and caring for intemed Mexican soldiers d

r!;€a¥;ll mmm mihtary refuiges at Fort_Wm]gate, New Mexico, and elsewhere for

the six mon commencmgh uly Erst, nmeteen hundred and fourteen,_ $170,000,_to5ether wi the pnexpended balance of the approaaa, p.319. Knation made m e urgent deficienriy appropriation Act approved pnl sixth, nmeteen hundred and ourteen, to reimburse appropriatwns for srjauport of the Army for expenditures for these purposes made prior to y first, mneteen hundred and fourteen. ,,§g{g{{¤°°'d» Mw-- The Secrets of War is authorized to acce t th deed Yi'] , _ p e from koancggwasgt or demi alimgiatrsoncconveying to the Ummbd gw. tract cifiland con- 8-1-I1111g_ o acre,now o a o e ringff e Arms Springfield, Massachusetts, the rlleed having Keen received Ml?) twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, registered in book one hundred and ninety-eight, page one hundred and lift -three, Hampden County, State o Massachusetts, by James E. Fussell, register. ,,,§‘} _¤¤ *¤· FORTIFICATIONS IN IN SULAR POSSESSIONS. "`?°”’€°' °; ¤¤**· The action of the Secre of War in h '

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PP P¤_ em to the va ue of $17,075.78 from stock on hand for use m Continental United States for the rotection of harbors in the Philippine Islands is ratified and legalized.