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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 215. 1914. 575 Housn or nnr·nnsnN·rA·r1vns. atggsés ¤f Revremt- For comipensation of Members of the House of Representatives, u§'{,‘,,p,§‘f§",f,{°” °‘ Delegates rom Territories, the Resident Commissioner from Porto Rico, and the Resident Commissioners from the Philippine Islands, $7 203.77. Ccutemddomou lFor allowance to the following contestants and contestees for ex- ummpenses incurred bly them in contested-election cases, audited and recrcirprmended by the Committees on Elections Numbered Two and ee: incase J. Gill, 52,000; ;"‘j‘*°‘ ’· °‘“· L. C. Dyer, $2,000; D; Dick T. Morgan, $1,500; I Ln ° John J. Carney, $1,500; Bird B`}, Gu; Bird S. McGuire, $1,500; mmJ`D° is ' John J. Davis, $1,500; an ‘w";_°,t_ George vv. Loft $500; R,c,_'$_j, ,;_m,,, Richard Bartholdt, $443.16; ' In all, $10,943.16. To pay Barnes Richardson, daughter of William Richardson, late ,,,§Y*““‘“‘ m°"‘"" a Representative from the State o Alabama, $7,500. P¤r¢¤d¤¤s1¤1¤•r· To pay South Trimble, Clerk of the House of Representatives, the %§§"d‘_‘§,§,‘§,°,,, amount due for services in compiling, arranging for the printer, read- di8¤¤*· ing proof, indemng of testimony, steneoigraphy and typewriting, supervising the work, and expenses mcurr in the contested-election cases of the Sixty-third Congress (twelve in number), as authorized by an Act entitled "An Act relat' to contested e1ections," approved "°‘·”‘·P·“°· March second, eighteen huiindrged and eighty-seven, the sum of $2,584.68; and an additional sum of $1,680 to such dpersons as were actually engaged in the work designated by the said South Trimble and in such proportions as he may deem just for assistance rendered in Ithe in all, 1$4,264(i68. hl wd mmm or o s esan am ets ataratenotexc ing$1per · thousand, fiscal year ninetegn hiindred and fifteen, $3,000. mm mmm To reimburse the official reporters of debates $500 each and the sumgrapriisprg. official steno aphers to committees $400 each for moneys actually R°““"“"°'“°°‘· and necessaxiilgr expended by them to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, $4,600. GOVERNMENT PRINTING orrrcn. i¤.°°¤°»%““‘°“. ‘ "“"' Holidayp: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the provi- H°ud°’°‘ sions of the law anting holidays and the Executive order half holidays witirpay to the employees of the Government ting Office, $6,825. 8 , Emma To pay Samuel Robinson, William Madden and Joseph De Fontes, wmnm mam, and messengers on night duty during the second session of the present ’°’°¥“‘D°F°“‘“· Congress, for extra services, $700 each; in all, $2,100. JonGm;N*rs, UNITED srarss oomvrs. ¤.i : "’““°° For a ent of the final 'u ents and decrees, inclu costs of P°ym°”t’ suits, vlihiislll have been rendeiiftlm under the provisions olflllge Act of v°l'2°'°'°°°` March third, eighteen hundred and eightg*·seven, entitled "An Act to rovide for the ringing of suits against the Government of the United gtates," certified to Congress at its present session bg the Attorney Genersill ilngenate Dgcmument lglurpbered Five hundre and forty-six, and w ic ave not n ap e e name : Chmn Under Department of theplnterior, $1328.60. am