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584 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 222. 1914. and other contagious and infectious diseases, including the purchase of vaccme and expense of vaccmation, correction oi samtary defect; {;1<;¤r¤;gkmmm’Fm in Indian homes, $300,000: Provided, That not tc; exceed $3§00 of gpwsi, mam, sm. the amoimt herem appropriated may be exyéepded or the purc ase o “”" improvements on lan to be deeded to the vermnent by the school board of district numbered fifty-seven, State of Idaho: Provided

 M m·’“7£‘“{; “‘“<2 "°s““.,..°"..¤.°‘ $2**3 °*3§i.‘§; “;:i,?.a ‘3::t.iL?£;‘2d§;§

W°¤*¤· . an e ven a u s a , n%iiii»i¤i)iityf°rSe`ung' seventy-five), as diithorizes the sale and conveyance of the °"3°*"'1°75‘ buildings, and other appurtenances of the old Fort Spokane Military Reservation, in the State of Washington, be, and the same IS hereby, repealed; and glcittgo excised $10,000 of the amophnatuhprelipggaéppgppigg orsomu ereo asma enecess , e ¤g¤*v¤·¤¤* ‘°’ ’*°°· ldgiiil ent and maintenance ofysaid buil for hospital purposes pm °S°` for thliluse and benefit of such Indians as the cretary of the Interior may desigh te: Provided further, That not to exceed $100,000 of the p,§,,,”Y‘*°“*°‘°‘·°'”°* amount erein appropgriated may be expiended in the erection and equipment of hospita for the use of In ans; and no hospital shall { be constructed at a cost to exceed $15,000, mcludmgiuequipmseilngi ¤·i°"f·il·:p°"° I P1,°”*i"’t,.’“‘c'$'“'..,gm..· T”2£JtZi1°§";°%§`?&§§°f§$2H Ei dh $32; J;. iidnldlid in the erection of hospitals as provided for herein: Provided

fr’r;;.¤it;*haaV:* ;2°.?i·;:=*°*"yst2‘ *&* hm *t2·1i.s:*.;“2;

mm- ian 'c w1 u rc sis om,or r ixllfictioiis diseases, he may if his judgment the health of the afflicted Indian or that of other persons require it, isolate, or quarantine such afflicted Indian_in a hospital or other place for treatment. A¤¢h¤¤¢v·=¤¤f¤¤•¤· The Secretary of the Interior may employ such means as maybe necessary in the isolation, or ig;-lxjarantme o such Indian, and it s all be the duty of such Indian so cted obey any order or regulation made by the Secretary of the Interior in carymg_out this Erovision. _ Support ¤f¤¤¤¤¤¤S· For supfport of Indian day and m ustr1al_schoo _ not otherwise provided or and for other_educational and industrial purposes in Dwi wd dumb ¤¤d connection therewith, including for the support and education of deaf wud °°"°°“°°‘ and dumb and blind Indianchi dren not_to_exceed $40,000, $1,550,000: reuse. Provided, That no part of this appropriation, or any other appropri- R°“"°"°“· ation prosviligleidbfor hizzfetn, gérceppgaplpnrgpnaupxis mszge ptgrsuzpngréig treaties e use 0 uca c en o ess an ne- o Indian blood whose parents are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein the live and where there are adeiuate free school facilities provided and, the facilities of the Indian sc cols are needed for pupils of more than one-fourth Indian blood: Provided further? @,*33]; ,,§{’°°[,‘§§°§K That no part of this appropriation shall be used fgr the support o iliiea Indian day and industrial schools where specific approtpriation is mg`,§}{Q?” °’ *‘“"“" made: Provided further, That not more than $20,000 of 3.811101].Lit

 1i»· - ~=-g<· 3$”“Ji€£i°,§“?§“h.’£“’ui)%3‘§§E$§E-f“§7Zf°p°$3?d°§ii3i2?“it¤E

Indian in Arizona. 811 · 1 S $50,000 of the amount libreiu appropriated, in additipn to any other funds available for that lpugsose, sha _ be used to provideschoo facilities for the children of the apavo Tribe of Indians in Arizona. b,§f,§’g.,°‘g*,,,“¤°“°’ For construction, lease, purdhase, repaus, and improvements of g ' schools and agency buildings, and sites, and for sewerage, water sup- §;;·{;·;;dl,ghtw°m_ ply, and lighting plants, $440,000: Provided, That the Secretary of payee. the Interior is hereby authorized to allow employees in the Indian Service, who are furmshed quarters, necessary heat and light for such uarters without charge, such heat and light to be paid for out_ of the ilmd chargeable with the_cost of heating and lighting other buildings pe§;’,§,§*,g‘,§}*°°°‘¤°°m· at the same place: Provided further, That_ the amount so expended VOL 3, p_ HL for agency purposes shall not be included in the maximum amounts _ ’ for compensation of employees prescribed by section one, Act of