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586 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sasse II. Ch. 222. 1914. gzggigé 0, mm nonrationaplgencies, $200,000: Promkled, That hereafter whenever an sw. ’ Indian sh be incarcerated in an agency jail, or any other place of confinement, on an Indian reservation or at an Indian sc ool, a report or record of the offense or case shall be immediately submitted to the su rintendent of the reservation or such official or officials as he may dgsignate, and such report shall be made a part of the records d I 1 of the agency office. _ ¤,;Fa.g°’ ’ °d '"' For compensation of judges of Indian courts where tribal relations now exist, $8,000. °“*"”¢°“"°'°""°‘ For pa of special agents- at $2,000 per annum; for traveling and incidental, expenses of such special agents, including sleeping-car fare, and a per diem of not to exceed $3 in lieu of subsistence when actually employed on duty in the field or ordered to the seat of government in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior; for transportation and incidental expenses of officers and clerks of the Office of Indian Affairs when traveling on official duty; for pay of employees not otherwise provided for; and for other necessary expenses of the Indian Service for which no other appropriation is available, $135,000.. m 8°”*°° '¤· For the employment of six Indian Service inspectors, exclusive of one chief inspector, at salaries not to exceed $2,500 per annum each and actual traveling exepenses, and $3 per diem in lieu of subsistence when actually employ on duty in the field, $30,000. _,,],};,*gg¤*¤*¤¤”°*”°’ For the purpose of determining the heirs of deceased Indian ` allottees having any t, title, or mterest in any trust or restricted allotment, un er ations by the Secretary of the ggg·g; mmm Interior, $100,000: rooided, at the Secretary of the Interior is aa. herebi authorized to use not to exceed $20,000 or the employment og pld ’tional clerllps the Oglcelnin connectionfwiltih the work . o etermmm`°gteeirso eceas ,outote$l00,000 eifniillumumtm °! appropriated herein: Provided further, That hereafter any officer or employee appointed or designated by the Secretary of the Interior or ·the Commissioner of Indian Affairs as special examiner in heirship F C cases6(phall11l;•;]1au1t_,horized to a er olaths in investigptipzs com· 0 =¤¤du*’° **·mitt to : urt , at the revisions o t aramgsgim ?°pt°d` graph shall not apply to the Osage Indians, xlfor to the Five Civsized ,,§§§{,‘}l,’°,,’,§$‘,‘§,{§f’“‘ ri es of Indians in Oklahoma: And provided further That hereafter upon the determination of the heirs o a deceased by the Secretary of the Interior, there shall be paid b such heirs, or from the estate of such deceased Indian, or deducted, from the proceeds from the sale of the land of the deceased allottee or from any trust funds belonging to the estate of the decedent, the sum of $15 to cover the cost of determining the heirs to the estate of the said deceased ·‘°°°"“““‘·°*°· allottees; which amount shall be accounted for and alpaid into the Treasury of the United States and areport made annu y to Congress by the Secretailiy of the Interior on or before the first Monday in December, of a moneyzcollected and deposited, as herein provided: ,,,§g‘},’}’;}§i°,,T,g'_,_,,g{‘°““‘ And gn·mnZdedfurt}wr, at the authority delegated to Judges of the R·S·.¤·>¢·4¤08,p~94v· United States courts by section forty·mne hundred an eight of the Revised Statutes is hereby conferred upon the Secretary of the Interior to require the attendance of witnesses at hearings, upon proper showing by any of the parties to determine the heirs of devom, p_,,55_ cedents, held m accordance with section one -0f the Act of June ' twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten (Thirty-sixth Statutes, page vow, Mm eight hundred and fifty-five), and the amendment of February ' fourteenth, nineteen hundred and thirteen (Thi.rty-seventh Statutes, pag? six hundred and seventy-eight), under such rules and regulations ,,,E“°‘,§‘,§§",§§"g aSF¢$rnill£ig §iIir“p(b1s1¢?Gof encouraging industry and self—suppcrt among ¤¤[i¤¤e1¤<i*¤;¤y$$ B c" the Indians and to aid them in the culture of fruits, grains, and other crops, $600,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be