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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 222. 1914. 587 immediately available, which sum may be used for the purchase of seed, animals, machinery, tools, implements, and other uipment necessarjy to enable In 1ans to become self-supportingi§(l’rovided, §g°°‘*°*- L That S8.1d sum shall be enipended under conditions to be rescribed mmm by the Secretary of the nterior for its repa ent to tllie United States on or be ore June thirtieth, nineteen lliiiiidred and twenty- D I n l five: Provided further, That hereafter the Secretary of the Interior pm. mm r°' shall Sllbmlb to Congress annually on the first Monday in December a detailed report of all moneys appro riated for the p ose of en- I, I, I, couraging in ustry among Indians: Apnd provided also,u$1at not to excee $75,000 of the amount herein a pro riated shall be expended on any one reservation or for the beneilit ofp any one tribe of Indians. Amzoua Arm New Mnxrco. ,,;‘;,**;·&··· ·¤·* Nr Sec. 2. For sup ort and civilization of Indians in Arizona and u§“"’°" °‘ 1'“““'“ New Mexico, inclugigg pay of employees, $330,000. For support and ucation of two hundred Indian upils at the F°"‘ “°*“'° “°**°°‘· Indian sc ool at Fort Mojave, and for pay of superinteneihnt, $35,100; forizgeneral repairs and improvements, $3,800; m all, $38,900. . or support and education of seven hundred Indian pupils at the 1"’°"'“’ S°‘*°°‘- Indian school at Phoenix, Arizona, and for pay of superintendent, $119,400· for general repairs and improvements, $7 500; for connectingrtlhe sewer gstem of the Phoenix Indian School and the East Farm bercular anitarium with the sewer system of the city of Phoenix, $32,000; in all, $158,900. T For sup ort and education of one hundred pupils at the Indian g.,;.°"${t°° °°"’°” school at Truxton Canyon, Arizona, and for pay of superintendent, $18,200; for general repairs and improvements, $3,000; in all, $21,200. For maintenance, care, and protection of machinery and irrigation Sy§,%¥’·*"°’*"‘¤““°” wells already completed, in connection with the irrigation of the lands of the Pima Indians in the vicinity of Sacaton, in the Gila River Reservation, $10,000, reimbursable from any funds of said Indians now or hereafter available. Ps I dm For the development of a water su£pl{> for domestic and stock wl’{},$‘}.,§‘,,,,,.,.;u.,_ urposes and for irrigation for noma c apago Indians in Pima Eounty, Arizona, $5,000. _ W to N R For the construction of a bridge across the Moencopr Wash on the ,,m°Z,,,‘?‘ ’“'°’° °* Western Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona, $6,000, or so much mgpgggyss M°•¤· thereof as may be necessary, to be immediately available and to Rmmmmmt remain available until exlpended, reimbursable to the United States ' by the Indians having tri al rights on said reservation and to remain a charge and lien upon the lands and funds belonging to said Indians until P8'id‘ Colorado River Res- For the construction and repair of necessary channels laterals emma. for the utilization of water in connection with the pumping plant ,y§*,f,’$‘d*“‘*'“‘°“°“ for irrigation p oses on the Colorado River Reservation, Arizona, as proliiged in the Act of April fourth, mneteen hundred V°‘·"6·P·m· and ten (Thirtv-sixth Statutes at Large, page two_ hundred and seventy-three) , for the purpose of securing an arépropriatron of water for the irrigation of approximately one hundre and fifty thousand acres of land and for maintaining and o erating the pumping plant, ,,,,,3,*, num u_ $15,000, reimbursable as provide in saig Act, and to remam avarla- penned. ble until expended. _ Fm Yum School The Secrets.? of the Interior is hereby authorized to set aside and Lmdm {mm ’ reserve as a sc ool farm for the Fort Yuma Indian School, the west half of the northwest quarter and the west half of the southwest quarter of section twenty-four, township sixteen south, range twenty- two east, San Bernardino meridian.