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SIXTYJIHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 222. 1914. 589 dam and necessary canals, ditches, and laterals, with recommendations and reasons therefor and the probable cost of adjudicating the water rights along the Gila River necessary thereto, and to take the steps necessary to prevent the vesting of any water rights in addition to those, if any, now existing until further action by Congress, $50,000. CALIFORNIA. 0¤“*¤¤¤*¤· Sec. 3. For support and civilization of Indians in California, includ- diiiisigm m" M IningFpay of employees, $42,000. Lands for hommss or the purchase of lands for the homeless Indians in California, mm. including improvements thereon, for the use and occupancy of said Indians, $10 ,000 , to be immediately available and to remain available until expended, said funds to be e ended under such regulations and conditions as the Secretary of the Iiiterior may rsscribe. gh,,,mmI,,,m,m_ . P . . For support and education of six hundred and fiftyllndian pupils at the Sherman Institute, Riverside, California, inclu g pay of superintendent, $108,125; for general repairs and improvements, $10,000; ” in all, $118,125. Yuma Rmmum For reclamation and maintenance charge on Yuma allotments, I”*=°”°¤ ¤<”¤¤°¤· $40,000, to be reimbursed from the sale of surplus lands or from other fimds that maége available, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of March d, nineteen hundred and eleven. 1.,,,,],,,1,,,11,;,,,,,,,,, For suptplort and education of one hundred and twentfrfive Indian pupils at e Fort Bidwell Indian School, California, inc uding pay of superintendent, $20,500 ; for repairs and improvements, $3,600; in all, $24¤100· emnvms semi. For sup rt and education of one hundred Indian pupils at the Greenvillelliidian School, California, including pay of superintendent, $18,400; for repairs and improvements, $6,600; in all, $25,000.- FLORIDA. rum. Sec. 4. That the unexpended balance of the aérgpropriation of xIi§il°ais?i;?fo€-vli°°l°° $10,000 "for relief of distress among the Seminole In ans in Florida, and for purposes of their civilization/’ made in the Indian appropriation Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and e even, is hereby reappropriated and made available. mano. "’“*°· 0 1 Sec. 5. For su rt and civilization of Indians on the Fort Hall ¤·§¤.rt ia] smjgl Reservation in Idlxo, including pay of employees, $30,000. ,1;,-,§§"° ’° " °' For maintenance and operation of the Fort Hall irrigation system, I"‘¢°“°‘”Y’°°”*· $25,000, reimbursable to the United States out of any hmds of the Indians occupying the Fort Hall Reservation now or hereafter · available. _ _ B,,,,,,,,cks_ For fulfilling treaty stipulations with the Bannocks in Idaho: For §,¤}¤{1j¤g réggty. ay of physician teacher, carpenter miller, engineer, farmer, and °` °’p` ` lilacksmith (article ten, treaty of July third, eig teen hundred and sixty-ei%ht), $5,000. _ Om dm For the Coeur <l’Alenes, 1H Idaho: For pay of blacksmith, carpenter, hrkiung §§,°$,;_ and physician, and purchase of medicines (article eleven, agreement V°‘·2",P·*°2°· ratified March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one), $3,000. To reimburse M. D. Olgrove, Superintendent of the Coeur d’Alene gmx; Agency, for ex enses incurred in connection with the retention of an Indian cha.rgecf)with murder, $6.