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SIXTYJIHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 222. 1914. 591 nesota " and to use the same for the dpurpose of promoting civilization and self-support among the said In ans in manner and or purposes _ provided for in said Act: Promkled, That not to exceed $40,000 of {,°§'§,",i§°§;,, ,,,,,,,,,;,,8,, this amount may be used in the purchase of lands for homeless non- mm LW I¤d*¤¤¤- removal Mille Lacs Indians, to w om allotments have not heretofore been made, to be immediately available and to remain available until exhpended, said lands to be held in trust and ma be allotted to Tm¤*¤“<>*m¤¤*¤· said In ans, in the discretion of the Secretary of the lirterior subject V,,L 2,, ,,_ 388; VOL to the provisions of the Act of February e` hth, eighteen hundred and ¤*·1>· 79* eighty-seven (Twenty-fourth Statutes atliariie, prage three hundred R 1 cw 0, and eighty-eight, as amended): Provided fu . , hat not to exceed mmmrmis. " $5,000 of the amount herein apglropriated may be expended in the removal of Chippewa Indian be `es from the urial grormds in the v1cinity of Wisconsin Point, Wisconsin, and their reinterment in an established cemetery in the city of Superior; said amount to cover markers for each grave or one monument, as may be found most suitable; and for the removal and suitable burial and marking of the gavos of Indian bodies at Mille Lacs, Gull Lake, and Sandy Lake, eso a. wma Emu Band. The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to advance to the ‘*“““°‘ °°‘°"”"‘°“· executive committee of the White Earth Band of Chippewa Indians in Minnesota the sum of $1,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be expended in the annual celebration of said ban to be held June fourteenth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, out of the funds belongiuglto said band. gg¤;;1¤gg¤- mm, That the building at Bena, Minnesota, is hereby granted to the rms. village of Bena to be used as a schoolhouse together with so much land as the Secretargegf the Interior may determine, not exceeding three acres, and the retary of the Interior is hereby authorized to Amana trump. convey said property by deed with a condition that the children of "°"° P“¥’”’· the Chiplpewa Indians o Minnesota shall have the privilege of attending at times the school maintained therein on the same basis as white children attend the said school. , · _ _ wma nmamau. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized ,,§,§§,f"{;’,;'§,§ “'°*°’ and directed to expend the sum of $1,000, or so much thereof as may be necessa , of the funds of the White Earth Band of the Chippewa Indians ofrliinnesota for the extension of the water system m the village of White Earth, Minnesota:. 1I2;15¤<i:¤¢%¤¤:%h· The Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and uum.s0a°co¤Em¤i¢r£ directed to issue to the Northern Minnesota Conference_of the Methdist Episcopal Church a patent in fee to lot one, section nineteen, township sixt -£ive nort , range twen?·one west of the fourth ,,,,,.,,_,_ princip meridian, State of Minnesota: romded, That any persons Ri¢1¤¤<>fr¤si<1¤¤¢¤· who were residing-lupon said land on January first, mneteen hundred and fourteen, sha not be required to remove therefrom except upon terms approved b the Secretary of the Interior. cmppewas tr mn- That the sum of, $1 500, or so much thereof as may be necessary, °°§,‘;@‘,;,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 0, is herelgv appro riated from the tribal funds of the Chippewa Indians ·i¤1¤z¤¤¤¤¤, ¤¤¢· of the tate of Iliinnesota nowin the Treasury, to pay the expvenses incurred by the delegations of Chi pewa Indians w o visited ashington, District of olumbia, on business for said Chxtphpewas and who were elected by the councils of March twenty··fif , nineteen hundred and eleven, and December thirtieth, mneteen hrmdred and twelve, and also for the expenses of the delegates who attended the General Council of the Chippewas of Minnesota, held_ at Cass Lake, Minnesota, on May sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth, mneteen hundred and thirteen. _ vsfggd du Lac Reser- That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, &l{tl101'1Z6d, Appémr et ammin his discretion, to approve the assessments, together with maps @d_,°°gjf¤m°¤* “P°¤ showing right of way and definite location of proposed drainage ditches made under the laws of the State of Minnesota upon the tribal