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598 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Srzss. II. Ch. 222. 1914. of section nine, the east half of section nine, the west half of the west half of section ten, the west half of the east half of the west half of section ten, the west half of the east half of the east half of the west half of section ten, townshi five north, range fourteen east of the Indian base and meridian, six hundre and for? acres more _{;;"f°_,;;,°, pm or less, according to the Government survey thereof: however, That the said land shall be sold for cash at the appraised pnce vera-I, pta. fixed thereupon by the appraisers appointed by the President under authority of the Act of Congress Spproved February nineteenth, nineteen hundred and twelve, entitle ‘An Act to purovide for the sale of the surface of the segregated coal and asphalt nds of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, and for other purposes": And provided fur- Gcg or asphalt rn- ther, That the coal or asglgalt on or under said land is hereby reserved, °°" and the Secretary of the terior is instructed to expressl reserve the same in preparing conveyance thereof: And provided further, That Time umxmm. this authorization shall lapse and expire byaoperation of law unless __ the said appraised price o said land shall tendered to the Secretary of the Interior in behalf of the State of Oklahoma within six months from the date of the approval of this Act lg the President. wmam von _ - That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby au orized to pay out P”'”°"‘ *°· _ of any mone in the Treasmy not otherwise appropriated the sum of $65.50 to Volz, in settlement of his account for horse hire v fmnished the agency physician at Oraibi, June twenty-third to Octo- _ ber twenty-first, nineteen hundred and five. 1;,,,,,,-,;,,,,,,,,.,;,, The Secretary of the Interior 18 authorized, in his discretion, to g*dS_AP·*°¤° °°d°¤ grant a further extenmon or extensions of time on the payments rim umm or escribed in the Act entitled "An Act authorizing the Secretary of

  • ’“%},'§§“,,_ m_ the Interior to subdivide and extend the deferred payments of settlers

_ in the Kiowa-Comanche and Apache ceded lands in Oklahoma," f{.°c{,"§;’,j,,,,,,,, 0, m, approved April twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and twelve: Pro- ¢¤¤¤==*· valid, That accrued and unpaid interest shall be treated as rincipal: R“"*°“°“· Promdedfurther, That no payment shall be deferred beyond) the time Hrescribed in the Act herein cited, and no forfeiture of entry shall be S? eclared except for fraud. 1·`iv¤€i¤*i1i¤¤<iTflb¤¤· FIVE CIVILIZED TRIZBES. pGg_§£s¤i¤'¤‘*¤**°¤ °X· Sec. 17. For exgenses of administration of the affairs of the Five `_ Civilized klahoma, the compgnsation of employlees, 5'¤iZ`§°a¢ Commis- $175,000: Provided, That effective Septem r Erst, nineteen ungggggmgggdéggjggg dred and fourteen, the offices of the Commissioner of the Five Civilstei. _ ized Tribes and superintendent of Union Agenpy, in Oklahoma be, u§,‘}"°"“"*“°°“° "‘ and the same are hereby, abolished and in lieu ereof there shall be m{;¤g>lgg¤e;¤·¤¤*» P“Y· appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the ` Senate, a sdlperintendent for the Five Civihzed Tribes, with his omce locate in the State of Oklahoma, at a salary of $5,000 per annum, and said superintendent shall exercise the authorit and perform the duties now exercised by the Commissioner to the lhve Civilized Tribes and the superintendent of the Union Agency, with authority to reorganize the department and to eliminate all unnecessary clerks, sub]ect to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior. P'°*’°°° °¤¤°¤¤°¤· For salaries and egenses of such attorneys and other employees as the Secg;etary_pd?1 the b gener may, gi; his discreitioré, deem necessary in connec ion wi pro a e matters ecf in 'vi ual allottees in the Five Civilized Tribes, $85,000. mg Scgcglight Missicn That the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, with the approval cupisysms of chu. of the Secretary 0 the II`1l`»€I'10l', lS_h€l`6li§";1.Uth01'iz6d to convey to the °*?;,f’·g%gfij°m_ Dwight Mission School, on Salhsaw ek, Oklahoma, twenty-six acres of land heretofore set aside in accordance with the provisions of section twenty-four of the Cherokee agreement approved July iirst,