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602 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 222. 1914. ,,j;dd{f*“*g; °*} ““* For the salaries and enses of not to exceed six oil and as ins Isaseclallgtmgiiiti im tors, in addition to thlg now employed, under the direcgon ofptlie Secretar•_L<;f the Interior, to su wise oil and gas mining origlrations on allhotged ds leaslgi by mel1£?1—s of theiFive1Civi1izc§i `bes from w `c restrictions ve not n remove , an to cou act investigations with a view to the prevention of waste, $25,000, to be immediately available. . °*·¤·>¤· OREGON. .u§§}§p°`;°;°°’ °u°' Sm. lg}!. For supglort and civilizaticin of Indians of the Klamath · ¥°¤°Y· no n, in udmg' ay o em oyees, $6,000. Ag‘;"¤°;;”* SP"¤¤° Aggorysii poelto and civilizatlion of thepconfederated tribes and bands " under Wiirm S cy, n, inclu v ay of em loyees $4 000 Prmgs P P » Ummua Aw"' lfor suppcprt and civilipatiori of the Indgggs of the Umatilla Agency, Oregonm udmg' a 0 empo ees,$3, . S“l°"‘ ’°h°°1‘ For support andpeducation oi six hundred Indian pupils, including native puplils brought {from Alaslgi., :.t$ tge Indiéin schgpli Salem, Oregoninu` ayosu `tenen,12,000;or repau·s' additioiis to and improvements, $12,000; EQU addition tri assembly hall, $10 000- in all, $124,000. si§{2“d.r§’.¤1.§;‘LY‘;,d°°‘x For supgrt and ciwgilization of at Gra$i;d)e)§.onde and Sileu . ¤1>p¤¤»¤¤=·» encies 11,iDC udmg° payo em 0 ees, . gniumlinsm mum Aglior and omration oi, the Modbc Point irrigation ‘§’,;d,,c Pom, ,,,.,9, system theKlarnath Reservation,1n the State of Oregon . ¤¤¤ =y=¢•¤¤¤¤- $4,740, renn uiaecordancg :11th the provisions of the Act ol March third, nm n un an even. ’°°‘*‘*""’****’·* PENNSYLVANIA. °“'“$1° S°"°°*· Sec. 19. For sup?rt and education of Indian pupils at the Indian school at Carlisle, ennsylvania, including pay of superintendent, $132,000; for general repa1rs and improvements, $20,000; in all, $152,000. S°°"" D‘“‘°“‘ _ SOUTH DAKOTA. "°‘“*‘°°° “°"°°'· Spc. 20. _For support and education of three hundred and si.xty—£ve Indian pufpils at_ e Indian school at Flandreau, South Dakota, and for pay o (sapermtendent, $61,500; for general repairs and improyements, $6, ; for the repau· of buildings and the purchase of equ1p· lmengrdgsatgoiygd or damgggdoolay the June tenth, mneteen un e ourteen ; in , . P'°“" S°"°°'· For support and education of two liundred and fifty Indian pupils at the Indian school at Pierre, South Dakota, including pay of supermtendent? 043,750; for new buildmgs, mcluding equipment, $22,000; for comp etxon of irrigation system, $7,000; for general repairs and pclnprogerrients, ; for the pilirchase of ten acres of land adjoining e sc oo goun , 3 500; in $82,250. more City semi. For supcggrt and ediication ot tivo hundred and nity Indian pupils at the In n school, Rapid City, South Dakota, mcluding pay of ggpgorgntenielntér for general repairs and improvements, I ; m 7 0 ° sam or didezsnt For sup rt of Sioux f dill rent t `bes, I din S te S` f mibiéses, ac. N ebraska ,§orth Dakota? and Saouth l§ia.kota1l“l•`]olr pzigy oéilhvg teifclliris, V I 15 w orig physgfan, onihcarpirélter, one millezr, one egnineeir, two farmetxls, ¤- .p- - an one acksmi ari etlnrteen, rea t t-' , eighteen hundred and sixty-eight), $10,400 filo? paylbf sliizcdlncl bliilckmd_ _ smith, and furnishing iron, steel other material (article eight of ,,,g_ ‘"""“* °“‘¥"°¥· same treaty), $1,000; fo1Npay of, additional employees at the several agencies for the Sioux m ebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota,