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604 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 222. 1914.

  • "°°*—•··· Provided, That the said Secretary of the Interior shall re ort to Conp3?l‘°.¥.‘..?‘ °“ °" th mam (1 ‘ D1 mb ,¤1¤er hundredpand arrest,

t grcliiatilled siatementgsath lill mgdrtieyser deiillis provided for herein. m§:,°d,§uP*y¤;gm°g’*m*· To carry into effect the provision of article nme of the treaty of V0l·15.P·619· March second, egghteenpnd sixty-eiiht (Fifteenth Statutes at Large, puagp six nmetglen), En Eonfederalted Btapdtshof te , or urms mg see an agrrc ura rmpemen , esum _ of $$5000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ Ug,“f’°"‘*"""°· °t°‘* For continuing the construction of lateral drstrr ut1ng systems to m{gg¤**¤¤ ¤“°°· irrigate the allotted lands of the Ilncompahgre, Uintah, and White v¤r.'r4, p.a1a. River Iltes, in Utah, and to maintain existing imgation systems, authorized under the Act of June twenty-first, nineteen hundred and six, to be expended under the terms thereof and reimbursable as therein provided, $10,000, to remain available until expended. ¥,,,’E$,Q°€;mg,,, To enable the Secretary of the Interior to protect the north abutment of the bridge at Myton, on the Umtah Indran Reservation, Utah, from high water, $200. wammgam. WASHINGTON. S, .¤=¤· S . 22. F t d fth D’Wamish d ther

 11- ..m.%°rsa.. r.§’i$L‘§’r.‘i°§.§r..“§{ irizdluding §ii§°¤r er; ws., $7,330. °

mm. For support and crvilization of the Makaliis, mcluding pay of em oyees $2,000. _ _ q§l§¤i—¤¤i-¤1t¤ nd _ clfclnsupport gud gfx) the Qui-mu-elts and °*’“““‘ mudmgpayeem , , . Y*“¤¤ *¤°¤°Y For sup rt and c1v·il•yr:;ion of Indians at Yakima Agency, includ- Bama md mal- iugrpgy efigmployees, {3,009- _ rupagmagmau. or_support and crvrlization of Indians at Colville and Puyallarp Agencies, including pay of employees, and for purchase of agmc — Joseph’s sam, Nez tural implements, and su port and civihzation of Jose h’s Band of P°'°°s‘ Nez Perce Indians in Vipashin on $13 000. P . 4,p. - , ,


eightyjseven, ratified by Act of Jiiy thirteeneiir, eighteen hundred tiéiakima Reserve- anilt nmetyjtwog), ii,000. t f th J _ tc _ dc _ _ 3., .,.,0 apearing ereoro ee ongressron ommissron !¤§i§?;0 w t creategognbler secirtlipn tvsffnty-three eggs Ind1an3lp£mp1iafi2>§¤°Il?ct; " aprov une 'rtiet, ninteen dred an n ate Dpocument Numbered Three htirndred lgird thirty-seven, Sixty-third Congress second semion), that the Indians of the Yakima Reservationin the State of Washington have been unjustly de r·ived of the portion of the natural How of the Yakima River to wlziich they are murtably entitled for the purposes of irrigation, having only been owed one hundred and forty-seven cubic eetger secon , the Secrettplry oiélhe is hgrebyi ?1thoriz§d;1 and Rrected to fumish at eno ern un o said ° eservati , inperpetuity, enough wateru?1 addition to the one hundred and)Iforty-seven cubic feet dper second heretofore allotted to said Indians, se that there shall be, uring the low·water irrigation season, at least seven hundred and twentglrlgubic feet per second of water available when needed for ' ation, uantity be` considered as uivalent to and in satisuflalcgtion of theqrights of fiiig Indi thoql te ii f ansm e ow-wa r owe -·~·»·--»» 1.i,11:;1:m:.°1 1:1*1

o wa 1- em e un erthe direction of the Secretary of the Interior, and there is hereby

authorized to be pcppropnated the sum of $635,000 to pay for said water to be cove into the reclamation fund; the amount to be appropriated annually in mstallments upon estimates certified to