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606 SIXTYJIHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 222. 1914. tain a clause rese to the United States the right to out and market merchantable timber on the lands so allotted; the proceeds to be disposed of as herein rovided. When the merchanta le timber has been cut from the land; so allotted, the title to such timber as remains Prwim. on said lands shall thereupon pass to the respective allottees: Prorsz°rT§l$i.°f umm vided, That the clause relating to the cutting and marketing of merchantable timber shall be omitted from all patents issued or a]lot—» ments from which the merchantable timber has been cut and removed rmoximt, mm,. at the date of such patent: Provided further, That any land disposed M- of hereunder shall be subject to all the laws of the United States prohiléitiug the intléczdlugtioéi of intoxicants into the Indian conmtry until ot erwise rovi ongress. S’*‘°* °‘“m*’°'· That this) Secretaryyof the Interior be and he hereby is authorized to sell the merchantable timber on all lands allotted under the progisions p§é._his Act witlgn the glad Riveg Indipm Reservition, in the . i tate o rsconsin, un er suc ru es an r ations as e may ¤•:i1;mbm°n of pm- scribe; the net roceeds derived therefromfgdliether with any tributed proceeds derived from the sale of tim er heretofore cut and sold from such lands, shall be distributed per capita and paid to the members of the band enrolled under the provisions of this Act, where such members are or may hereafter be adjudged by the Secretary of the Interior competent; and in cases where members have not been adjudged competent by the Secretary of the Interior their shares shall e deposited to their individual credit as individual Indian · p,,,,,,,,_,_ moneys are now deposited and paid to them or used for their benefit sugéytaggcagggu? paidpirbctpe supervision of the Secrietary of, tht; Intpriop: Prgvided, ` a ore approvmg` any contrac covering' e sa e 0 ti.m er on any of said lands the Secretari of the Interior shall refer the said contraet or contracts to the In 'ans of the Bad River Band entitled to_ allotment here1mder,_ for an expression of their views as to the price, terms and conditions of sale, in which matter the interests of D_ b t_ I minors shall be represented by their plarents or natural guardians: ,,.,,,I,§'.§,, {,1,,,§.£" ° Provided, That of the amount now on and derived from the sale of tribal timber at least $500,000 shall be distributed among such allottees enrolled under the provisions of this Act where the same are competent, or, where the allottees are incompetent, deposited to their mdividual credit as mdividual Indian moneys are now deposited, Opmmm of mmm within sixty days from the date of the approval of the roll by the price or timber mae- Secretary of the_ Interior as herein provide : Promkicd further, That ""“‘°‘ in the event a fair and adequate price is not offered for the merchantable timber on the Bad River Reservation authorized to be sold under the provisions of this Act the Secretary of the Interior may in his discretion cause to be built, equipped, and operated a suitable sawmill or_sawm11ls, with appurtenances and necessaipy buildings, on the U,,,,,p,,,,,,,,,,,°,,, Bad River lteservation, or the purpose of manu acturing said mer- P**¤* was- chantable timber mto lumber; and e is hereby authorized to use so much of the proceeds from the timber heretofore sold, exclusive of the $500,000 herem authorized to be disposed of, to erect said sawmill or sawmills, said mill or mills to be constructed, operated, and main- _ _ tamed under such rules, regulations, and conditions as the Secretary L1¤¤*¤*<=¤¤*- of tile Irtigtgriogr may prescnbg: P , That no sawmill shall be . cons ruc a acosttoexcee $5, . s.§}Ll’£EZw” °‘ mh For support and civilization of the Chippewas of Lake Superior, P‘;l;f;’;_‘;t‘;E€‘;’· Wisconsm, including pay of employees, $7,000. _ Support, em., 6:. F_or support, education, and civihzation of the Pottawatomie Inmgpsovgo o reside in the State of Wisconsin, including pay of employ-

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p5?§'§l cmu C1"? That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, directed to d,{{§,§`,°,§ff$·’§§§{’,'g,{’,§,;",;g cause an investigation to be_made of the condition and tribal rights of ¤f- the so-called Saint Croix Chippewa Indians now residing in the coun-