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GO8 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 222. 1914. Dkpxal of ,,,,,,,;,1 ments on the unsold lots, and any member of the La_Pointe Band of i¤*¤· Chippewas, on the a ent to the owner of the appraised value of the improvements, shall] `hldlve the preference right or six months from the date of such payment to purchase such unsold lot or lots at their appraised value on such terms as may be approved by the Secretary mmumts mm,. o the Interior: Provided further, That agyland disposed ofhereunder im- shall be subject to all the laws of the nited States prolnbiting the introdligcétion cg intoxicants into the Indian country until otherwise rovi b 0I1gr6SS. “""“' g'°““‘*·°°°· P That th; northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section thirty-four, township forty-eiiht north, range three west, be set as may ap ve y e mmassion o ian me m%.d¤·*;;ms *.2%. gms ifi? iosrh nissan use of the members of the La Pointe Band of Indians. ` F¤¤ ¢¤>¤¤¤¤, ¤¢¢· That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereb , authorized to reserve, within said town site of Qdanah, not g ten acres for use of the La Pointe and other Chippewa Inchans for fair grounds, parks, and other public purposes. w’°*“¤g· wronrme. §E§,"},E;,,_ WSec. 24. For support apd ciyilizatiogl of Shoshone Indians in om1ng' , inc ud1ng` pay 0 em o ees, 5,000. 8°**°°*- hor supxrt and education of Icing hundred and seventy-five Indian pupils at e Indian school, Shoshone Reservation, Wyoming, including psy pg ggpergntepldepgé g31,025; for general repairs and improveumm men , ; in a , 25. iis. 15, p.t£v°$ly` For support of Shoshories in Wyoming: For gay of physician, teacher, carpenter, miller, engineergl farmer, and _ acksmith (article ten, treaty of July third, eighteen undred and sixty-e1,%ht), $5,000; for pay of secon blacksmith, and such 1.ron and stee and other majieilnals as may be required, as per article eight, same treaty, $1,000; H in $6,000. iigllaz. h°ki°` Fpl1irep$airs1a§the og abandoned post of Fort Vgashalép, on e in iver eservation, yomm , $1,732.82, rom e I,,,g,,,,,,,, sysmm 0,, amount heretofore collected as rentals of the guildings at said post. rzesemuon. Fm: continuing the work of constructing an irrigatioll 8ySf·6m within the dummshed hoshone or Wind River Reservation, in Wyoming, R, ymmh including the maintenance and olperatnon of completed canals, $25,000, Vera;. p.1016. reimbursable in accordance wit the provisions of the Act of March third,dn:1neteen hundred and five, and to remain available until H , _ e en e . Mm d b mas xgor continuinglfhe work of constructin roads and brid es within the diminished oshone or Wind RivergReservation in Illybming, $25,000, said sum to be reimbursed from any funds which are now pxxidrnay hereafter be placed in the Treasury to the credit of said , ians. T-152-‘§.¥;;. “"· ”· "· For reimbursing mgm Reverend N. s. Teoma, n seo al bisho . . . R . P P “°‘““’“”°‘“°""’°· of Wyom1ng, for moneys e ended in repairs to buildmgs on the Wind River Reservation,_ !Wyoming, $391.84, and permission is hereby granted the beneficiary to remove a certam barn erected by him upon the reservation. Approved, August 1, 1914.