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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 223. 1914. 613 For rent of temfporary quarters at New Albany, Indiana, for the Rent. gcccirrglnodpotion 0 Government officials, and moving expenses incien ere , $5 000. . Newcastle, Indiana, post office: For comtpletion, $28,000. N°"°°s“°»I“d· New Haven, Connecticut, post office an co1u·thouse: For contin- N"' H“°¤»°°¤¤· uation, $150,000. New Haven, Connecticut, post office: The appropriations hereto- mnemoc. _fore or that may hereafter be made for construction s all be available {::*11 insgallatiopl of xpail-handling devices in said building within the , ° 't o cost ereo . New Orleans, Louisiana, customhouse: Toward remodeling, repair, c,,§',f,‘,§,,,§,§_{,,$‘§·"‘· 1“·• or improvement of the old customhouse and post-office bui ding, including new roof, at a total cost not exceeding $350,000, to provide quarters for customs officials and other Government officers, $100,000. Newport, Arkansas, post office: For completion, $30,500. N°"P°’*·**"‘· Newport, Rhode Island, post office and customhouse: For addi- N¤wP~¤*»R·I~ tional and for the enlaégeinent of the site, $100,000. _ N R N Y New Rochelle New ork, post office: For continuation, $30,000. °" Y ’ ‘ ‘ New York, New York, post office: For additional mail-handling ,,0§,°",,,,,,‘,§f";,,,’§`{ K; dpvglces, includitxig belt convegg; ger the more expeditious handling WM o e `in enew t-0 u1ld1ng` ,$150000. North Attleboro, Masrdislichusetts, post office: For commencement, A‘“°*’°'°· $6,000. Norton, Virginia, post office: For site and commencement, $50,000. ];°“°”’ vga, Oakland, C ° orma, t office and customliouse: For additional m°°d’ land or so much may be necessary, $115,000. (nymph. wm . Olympia, Washington, post office: For comlpletion, $30,000. Omm N Y 0DK!HtH·NNBW York, post office: For comp etion, $30,000. 0 gi ‘ Orange ew Jersey, post office: For completion, $10,000. O"”?;i, Osage City, Kansas, post office: For continuation, $20,000. Oifmmjumf Owatonna, Minnesota, post office: For completion, $23,000. mam 1;,, Palatka, Florida, post office: For commencement, $15,000. Pm mg, UML Park City, Utah, post office: For completion, $14,000. madm 'Ca,_ Pasadena, California, post office: For_com lotion, $60,000. Pm, ,0;,* Perry, Iowa, gmt office: For completion $23,000. ,,,10,,;,:,,,,, ,,__ Phoenixville, ennsgvania, post office: For site, $16,000. mm Ohh; Piqua, Ohioipost office; For completion, $110 000. _ ,,,,,8,;,,,,,1 ,,___B¤_ Pittsburgh, ennsylvama, Bureau of Mines: For technical services me meme;. and for commencement of biulding, $150 000. _ Plymouth mm Plymouth, Massachusetts, post office: For completion, $35,000. POW 3,,;,, um Poplar Bluff Missouri, post office: For completion, $10,000. Pm JMB Port Jervis, N ew York, post office: For contmuation, $29,000. mumd 1;,, Portland, Indiana, t office: For continuation, $20,000. ,,0,,,;,,,,,,,;,,8,,, N_Y_ Poughkee sie New,¥drk, ost office: For additional land, $28,000. ’ Prescott, IAri:ionaf post oiiiize: For site, $7,500. ;,';Q°::;;?;,,u_` Princeton Illinois, post office: For commencement, $6,000. muh, .,.,,,,,,_ Pulaski, Tennessee, post office: For completion, $5,000. mmm, 0,,,,,, Putnam, Connecticut, post office: For continuation, $22,000. Q,,,,,,,,,,_ G, guitman, Georgia, post office: For commencement, $5,000. R,,,,,,,g, P,,_ eading, Pennsylvania, post office: For contmuation, $40,000. Rcbmuy m_ Robinson Illinois, post office: For commencement, $5,000. _ Rock, M,,,,,,,,N_c_ iltoch Mount, North Carolina, post office: For contmuation, $27,000. _ _ Rossville Georgia, gat office: For site, $5,000. guojzuilgi Salem, Ohio, post 0 ce: For completion, $38,000. Smm’V,_ Salem, Virgima, post office: For site, $10,250. _ Baum; Km, Salina, Kansas, post office and courthouse: For completion, ’ $10 000. ,2 ws, Sim Francisco, California, post office, courthouse, and S0 forth: p£?2iim,m. '°°l" Tim unexpended balance of the appropriation for the construction of $§}’**,§}*‘°,§{,'{’”*·,,,,,,, the post office, courthouse, and so forth, building at San Francisco, ism.