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614 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. California, not exceeding $10,000, is made available for_the extension of the mailing platform at said building, and for the w1demng of the driveway connected therewith, including] all work necessary and incident to said extension of the mailing p atform and the widemng of said roa wa . 8°"*’“““"’· San Frandisco, California, subtreasury: For completion, $50,000. “°“‘° B°"’°"*°"" Santa Barbara, California, post office: For completion, $20,000.

;;f:d Searcy, Arkansas, post office: For completion, $10,000.
  • ‘ Seymour Indiana, post office: For continuation, $10,000.

S"°"’"m°*T°“°‘ Shelbyville, Tennessee, post office: For completion, $14,000. Sh"'"‘“’ T°" Sherman, Texas, post office and courthouse: For additional land, $5,000. . s‘°“‘ °“’•I°""‘ Sioux City, Iowa, courthouse, post office, and customhouse: For S W V post oii?ice_lo0kouts, $1,500. _ "°°"'m°* ’ “‘ Sistersville, West Virginia, post office: For completion, $30,000. °m”°°’D°*' Smyrna, Delaware, post office: For completion, $15,000. §P°'°“’ “:‘°’j1_ n Sparta, Wisconsin, post office: For continuation, $15,000. Bzlmlmnmu éogl Spurigligfield, Tennessee, post office: For completion, $10,000. ’ _ St ord, Connecticut, post office: For commencement, $5,000. suarmvms, om. . , . . ma. Steubenville, Ohio, post office: For continuation, $20,000. °°°b“" M Tm Sunbury, Pennsylvama, post office: For continuation, $40,000. °'°°"'° ’ Sweetwater, Texas, post office: For site, $6,500. °’°°'”°'°* m' Sycamore, Illinois, post office: For continuation, $23,000. °’]“°“°“* **1** Sylacauga Alabama, post office: For site, $5,000. •

_L':"’°’1:T‘ Y' Syracuse, New York, post office: For commencement, $10,000.
 arboro North Carolma, post office: For contlnuatwn, $23,000.

·°;°i‘ The Dalles Oregon, post officez For continuation, $23,000. T "‘°““R'w¤m“ mm Thomasvill_ e, _ a, post office: For commencement, $10,000. Tm Om} Three Riviera, Mic n, post office: For contmuation, $23,000. Tom; Ga- 'l‘1iiin, Ohio, post office: or commencement, $7,000.

 ms. Toccoa,   post office: For site, $5,000.

Umm; _ M8. Tupelo, Mississippi, post office: For commencement, $10,000. Umm *;;l“""* Umon Springs, abama, post office: For site, $4,500. Um Y. Urbana, Illmois, post office: For continuation, $33,000. ’ Utica, New York, post office, customhouse, and courthouse: For Umm°,,,,“_ add1tional land, $35,000. vmm, Tm Uvalde, Texas, post office: For commencement, $14,000. Wahpmu, N_ mb Vernon, Texas, post office: For site, $1. _ W_,dm_ N_ Y_ Wahtpeton, North Dakota, éaost office:_ For completion, $15,000. Waltham Mm Wal en, New York, post office: For site, $7,500. _ wml D' C Waltham, Massachusetts, post office: For cqntmuatxon, $28,948.80. Buaeinstciiimé. “Washmgton, District of Columbia: For installing one electric passenger elevator, constructing stairway from first floor to mmwncmnmm asement, Butler Burldmg, $7,000. _ _ mas. Washington, District of Columbia, Interior Department Offices: Um,H,,,,,,,,,,,,_ ot exceeding $40,000 of the unexpended balance of the appropriav¤1.n,p,nm. tion for the acquisition of square numbered one hundred and forty- three m Washington, District of Columbia, is reappingpriated and V¤¤-¤’·'·x>-¤¤¤- made available toward the pu oses and within the t named in section nine of the public buildings Act of March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, providing or a building for the Geological Nation, Archives Survey and other offices of the Department of the Interior. sanding. Washington, District of Columbia, National Archives Building: For employment of technical and engineering services in the Office of vom? 884 the Sufpervising Architect, for the ipreparation of and esti- ’p‘ ‘ mates or the l.\ational Arcluves Bu ding, as authorized in the ubhc buildings Act approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and) thir- W bb c_ teen $5,000. _ _ ° ‘°Y· I°· Wiebb C1ty, LL[l$0llI'1,_ROSl'» 0$ce: For commencement, $20,000. w°“’““‘g- “'·V°· Wellsburg, West Virgmia, post officez For commencement, $1,000.