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SIXTYJIHIRD coxonnss. sms. II. ou. 223. 1e14. 623 CUSTOMS SERVICE. , Customs service. To defray the enses of collect' the revenue from customs, °°“°°”'°8'°“°“°· $10,150 000. Andilie provisions of tllig Act of March third, eighteen i¤i=)r:·%g?u of {buds hundred and seventy—mne (Twentieth Statutes, page three hundred nY§i&°Z p' m' v°l' and eighty-six), as amended by the Act of April twent seventh, ·*”“·P·*”· nineteen hundred and four (Thirty-third Statutes, page &ree hundred and mnety-six), authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to expend out of the apfpropriation for defraying the eiienses of collecting the revenue rom customs such amount as e may deem necessary, not exceeding $150,000 per annum, for the detection and prevention of frauds upon the customs revenue, are further amended so as to increase the amount to be so expended for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and Efteen to $200,000. For the necessary expenses and salaries of the customs service at P§,EP,,;'j*’°°'“° E" the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, $200,000, or so much 8¤1•ri•• nd ¤¤» thereof as may be necessary, to be expended under the direction of °°§$,°'gQj,,_ mr the Secretary of the Treasury. V ’¥¢*‘·P· **6: Scales for customs service: The unexpended balance of the a pro- priation made by the sundry ciyil Act approved June twenty-tlliird -*’*‘*»P·'”· nineteen hundred and thirteen, for construction and installation of special automatic and recording scales for weighing merchandise, and so forth, in connection with imports, at the various ports of enntlpg under direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, is continued made available for expenditure during the fiscal year nineteen hundred — and fifteen, togetherwith the further sum of $50,000, for the same uapose. . . _ P ompensation in ].l8\1,0f moieties: For compensation in lieu of ¤r°§”¤a§’£?Qi°t“ml“° moieties in certain cases under the customs revenue laws, $50,000. mum The President is authorized from time to time, as the exigencies of .em0uasa·m, sie., the service may reqliiire, to rearrange, by consolidation or otherwise, the °“,$’gg%°°1;_ up several customs-co ection districts and to discontinue ports of entxly ’ b abolishing the same or establishing others in their stead: Promkie , §?g,*_·§?;;m_ That the whole number of customs-collection districts, ports of entry, or either of them, shall at no time be made to exceed those new established and authorized except as the same may hereafter be provided by law: Provided further, That, hereafter the collector of ey°ii°¤Zi¥¤$°£l$°i£¤Wl customs of each customs-collection district shall be officially designated by the number of the district for which he IS appointed and not mmm 0, Mw by the name of the port where the headquarters are situated and the qumm. President is authorized from time to time to change the location of the headquarters in any customs-collection district as the needs of the service may reguire: And provided further, That the President ,,,,§,{,§{°°“‘°“° °° b' shall, at the beginning of each regular session, submit to Congress a statement of all acts, any, done ereunder and the reasons therefor. rmzmc nnnrzrn smcvicn. m1f¤¤¤¢ H¤¤*¤ Sm- For ay, allowance, and commutation of quarters for commissioned P“"°°°" °'°m°°”` medical officers and pharmacists, $679,858; _ _ O , For ay of acting assistant surgeons (noncommissioned medical gegmossmmmtwrofficersl; $200,000. For pay of all other employees (attendants, and so forth), $502,606. °¤=¤r¢¤¤v*¤v¤¤¤· For freight, transportation, and traveling expenses mcluding the F¤=*8¤*»¤*¤· expenses except membership fees, of officers w en ciiiciallycdetailed to attend meetings of associations for the promotion of pub health, $30,000; _ M tc For fuel, light, and water, $75,000; Fun? ‘ For furniture and repairs to same, $8,000; _ _ S ‘“‘°‘ For purveying depot, purchase of medical, surgical, and hospital “P*’““’· supplies, $45,000;