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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. 629 _ For operating, care, and preservation of Rock Island bridges and B'*"¥° °‘¥’°°°°°· viaduct; and for mamtenance and repair of the arsenal street connectu§1 the bridges, $18,000; Su S gli ld M h amng 8 "¤¢°°‘d ” _ prrn , e, assacusettszliorre" and P ·°“·

 Pearl Streetpblrli land belonging to the Unilied States,

Watertown Arsenal, testing machines: For necessary rofessional w“°"°'“,,,,,c,,·",,,*’· and skilled labor, purchase of materials, tools, and apgliances for hmm u` operating the testing machines, for investigative test and tests of material rn connection with the manufacturing work of the Ordnance Department, and for instruments and materials for operating the chemical laboratory rn connection therewith, and for maintenance of the wtablishment, $15 000. Repairs of arsenals: l·`or repairs and improvement at arsenals, and R"°*"· to meet such_unforeseen expenditures as accidents or other contingencies during the year may render necessary, including $125,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for machinery for manufacturing purposes in the arsenals, $290,000. mums ¢ oonrs. °"°"“”““"°'°°"’·

 posts: Toward the construction of bar-rack accommoda-  ,,,,,,,,

tions for one regiment of Infantry at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, H¤*¤”· . including the necessary water-, sewer, and lighting systems, roads, walks, and so forth, $250,000. R I _ Hereafter at all maint? posts where post offices have been estab- .,m,Z,‘Z"‘“ °' ’°"‘ lished, Elie Secretary of ar shall assign proper and suitable room or rooms or t·office urposes. Barracksptgrd quarters, seacoast defenses: For construction and uZf’T?,,,,,°`.§’g.,t°‘.l`i.,;§*,,Q,"§',j enlargement of barracks and quarters for the Coast Artillery and of other buildings in connection with the adgpted project for seacoast defenses, including the installation therein plumbing and of heating and éaéiparatus to be expended as m the zudgglent of the Secretary o ar may be necessary, $25,641: P , at no part 10m,.,,’°°""· ,,,..,,.,,_ of this sum shall be used for the construction of officersf quarters to V°*· 35- P~m· cost in excess of the limits established in the sundry civrl appropriation Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and eight. Fort Monroe, Virgima, wharf, roads, and sewer: rm mam, vs. For repair and maintenance of wharf, includniig all necessary labor Wh"'- and material therefor, fuel for waitin? rooms, an water, brooms, and shovels, $1,400; repairs to apron o wharf, mcluding all necessary labor and material therefor, $4 1_55; whariinger, $900; four laborers, $1,920· in all, $8,375; for one·third of said sum, to be supplied by the United, States, $2,791.66. _ _ For rakes, shovels and brooms; repairs to roadway, pavements, “°P°“"°’°“’r”‘°· macadam and asphalt block; repairs to street crossmgs; repairs to street draim, $2,170; six laborers cleanrnigoads, at $480 each; m_ all, $5,050; for two-thirds of said sum, to supplied by the United St*i·i°S’ $3’is66`ii'ssr1a apes · nt b · k (1 ¤··· ····¤¤¤~····=· or-was ,0, ,sewer rpe,ceme , rrc,an sup- °'· ~ plies, $1,900; two erpgineers, at $1,000Peach; two laborers, at $500 each; in all, $4,900; or two-thirds of said sum, to be supphed by the United States,_$3,266.67. _ Hmm, www For continuing construction of the necessary accommodations for gnnppma me I3,. the Seacost Arf erylrin the Philip ine Islands and Hawaii, $750,000. '”“· Remount depot, ont Royal, Ilfirginiaz For acqu1s1t19n_ by Pur- Fr{<,:t¤;z¤¤yvd¤r¤¢, chase or condemnation of the church lot lying within the lrrnrts o the Mdm‘${,,{;,§g,_ Front Royal remount depot, Front Royal, Virginia, contarmng threefourths of an acre, more or less, and upon which rs located an old