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630 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. church, $150; and for the purchase from G. C. Jenkins and wife of S th E sewirpn-tenthstof gn acge of gud, $1; all, $151F h 1;** °'f* *P*‘°” ayment 0 out ern ress m an : r a e t t t C°1=$¤iK¤t ¤>. Southern Express Company fg; expres; ciiarges ori twlenytrgifilire cgnicai tents, complete, weighrn four thousand two hundred and fifty-six pourids, sllpppgrdupy tge %]uarttermas§p}p’§ geipzlrtmeizrit May seventh, nme een un an mne, rom a p a, ennsy vania t Pulaski, Tennessee, for use of sufferers from the iioods in that Static; in April, nineteen hundred and nine $148.96. MQW W¤=·¤*¤=°°¤» Swamp lands, Fort Washington, hllarylandz The appropriation of rplrzm; at-amen. for tp; puplcilpase of six and six-tlgenthswacres 0 swamp lands

  • · goming e m reservation at ort hmgto` , Mary d,

made in the srmdryzligil Act for the fiscal year riineteenlliundredasid fomttr;-;n isilherélgy mage ipfrpglablp) for said apr the fiscal year Prvviw- ‘ nine n rm an n: romded' , at authori is h b m""°"'“" ""‘“"" given the present owners of said land to reserve a righttiif waymcxrg and through the tract along the existing roadway thereon. §;§,°,*;',;$°”"*· Nyrrouan ommrmzms: or maintaining and improving national cemeteries including fuel for sugerintendents, ay of laborers and atlheerjptelrpplllziyees, purchua:e$pf1éz¢:)%0, and matenag, including $26,000 mary a , . “"*’°“"'“°’“*°““‘· $6§`<iré0pay of sevrgxlity-six superintendents of national cemeteries, H¤¤¤¤¤>¤¤¤ ¢¤r wi- I Ido: continuing the work of furnishing headstones of durable stone °°”'g""°°‘ or other durable material for unmarked ves f U d Oo - federate soldiers, sailors, and marines in irazional), pogtiuiziii; towii, VDL 17 W VOL and village cemeteries, naval cemeteries at nayiy yards and stations arp. z¤1;’ri°&1.s4,p.56, of the United States, and other burial places, un er the Acts of March third, eighteen hrmdred and seventy-three, February third, eighteen Civmm hundred and seventy-nine, and March ninth, nineteen hundred and 34v;1}£,j,_3g6; va, six;kal(sio for 00I;l$1Il the work of furnishing headstones for un. ~· mare_gravesoc1 ansin inoste te' d thAtg of April twenty-eighth, nineteen hrmgred (irnrillcforrire? aurildediuneia th(ir· ¢¤¤r¤¤¤¤m. math, mneltéeeezln hundrertl six; also {gp furnishing headstones for e unmar graves o 0 e erate so 'ers, sailors, and marines in national cemeteries, $50,000. I;°*’“f’“°‘°’°“‘*"“>"· For repairs to roadways to national cemeteries which have been E{,‘§;,§,,,m¤tS by constructed by special authority of Congress, $12,000: Promlkd, names Madam. That no rarhoad s all be permitted u n the right of way which may have been acquired by the United Siftes to a national cemetery or to encroach upon an roads or walks constructed thereon and mainnamcarm. tained bly the United States: Prmnlled further, That no part of this sum sha _ used for repairing any roadway not owned by the United mmm t sp. Stpxttespwghgp the corporate limit? of artry crtly, towtrg or village. ,,_ ° °“° a any ap ro na ron or na rona ceme ries t ‘ mu gipatdgyxagypo tg;pIr·1etoI%1h§)l be erqlerrdgld in tl; maintenaiiiice ciifri5ri)¢.ii·1;· oac an na ion ceme .

 .r.§2;.:Xr.6·>Ss:£.:>mD;r.%2g ryzharmaror   tmma or in

_erreso e rico um1a,m t - dj ex-sailors, or ex—marines of the United States sdlrviadie, eithersgegrrelmari or volunteer, who have been honorably discharged or retired an who dare rn the Drztrrct of Columbia, itc be disbursed by the Secretary of ar,a acos n0texceedmg` $45 ors hb `al . h ,,§,'§,Q_ff°*¤ ”*=*¤'*°* exclusive of cost of grave, $3,000, onelihalf Ldlflwliighlhlirsrfirsdhlaellmbe Mu b out of the revenues of the District of Columbia. M, °‘°“"’°~“°”°*d· Antretam battle field: For rgpair and preservation of monuments, tablets, observation tower, roa , and fences, and so forth, made and constructed by the United States u n public lands within the limits of the Antietam battle field, near Shoarpsburg, Maryland, $3,000.