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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. 47 Completing field notes of surve s in Minnesota and North Dakota: M ****1 °S°*a Md To complete the drafting and E$eld—note writing pertainiénggl to the Nigilinliiigiiihg mm surveys in the States of Minnesota. and North Dakota. cau by the °°°°" gsgcéntinuance of the offices of the surveyors general in those States, , 0. For necessary expenses of survey, appraisal and sale of abandoned »s$$»l`¢°ig£°s°l1 mmmy military reservations transferred to the control of the Secretary of the V°*· 2% P- m- Interior under the dprovisions of an Act of Congress approved July fifth, eighteen hnm ed and eighty-four, and andy law prior thereto, including a custodian of the ruin of Casa Gran e, $10,000. Cm °'°“‘*°- umrnn srarms emonoeroar. sunvnr. G°°*°¤*°*“ S“"°Y· Oliice of the director: Director, $6,000; chief clerk, $2,500; chief ,m. disbursing clerk, $2,500; hbrarian, $2,000:; photo apher, $2,000; assistant photographers——one $900, one $720; · clex§s—one of class two, three of class one, one $1,000, four at $900 each; four copyists, gt $720 each; w $8i110,_fopru a;3%7§0 each; janitor, $600; our messenger ys, at$480eac ;m , , 40; scientist assistants: Geo1ogiste—two at $4,000 each,‘¤¤e se,000, °°*·¤**°°*=“m** one $2,700; two paleontologists, at $2,000 each; chemist, $3,000; geoEra_phm51g0g2,700, one $2,500; two topographers, at $2,000 68-0 3 m » » E General expenses: For every expenditure requisite for and incident m_ to the authorized work of the Geological Survey, including personal services in the District of Columbia and in the_iield, to be expended under the regulations from time to time prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, and under the following heads, namely: For pay of skilled laborers and various temporary employees, 8"m°‘"°°°'“" $20,000; 0 _ For topographlgz surveys in various portions of the United States, vg¤?°°r°Pm° °°° $350,000, one- to be immediately available; Geologic mm _ For geologic surveys in the various portions of the United States, y` $300,000, one-half to be available; mh I I For continuation of the mvmigation of the mineral resources of umn "` Alaska, $100,000, to be immediately available; (mmm, md hm For chemical and hysical rese es relating to the geology of the smemeae. ° United States, including researches with a view of determining geoggical conditions favorable to the presence of deposits of potash ts, $40,000; S For the preparation of the illustrations of the Geological Survey, m"’“`““°”" 18,280· Ulfordtge preparation of the report of the mineral resources of the ,,.,{'{""‘*"°°°°'°°"°‘ nite tates, $75,000; For gauging the streams and determining the water supply of the wml summa United States, and for the investigation of underground currents and artesian wells, and the preparation of reports upon the best methods of lgtilizing the water resources, $150,000; _ mn _ or the purchase of necessary books for the library, including directones and professional and scientific periodicals needed for statistical pjlrposgsg, mcluding payment in advance for subscriptions to publicaions, ,000; M For engraving and rinting the geologic maps, $110,000; °ps` For continuation of, the topographic surveys of the public lands ,,§;§_“°“°“°"“ ’°" that have been or may hereafter be desigpated as national forests, $75,000, 0ne—half to be immediately availa le; In all, for the United States Geological Survey, $1,305,520.