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646 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. ~ S°'°¤°“*°¤¤*=°*¤*='~ Scientific assistants: Geologists—two at $4,000 each, one $3,000, one $2,700; two paleontologists, at $2,000 each; chemist, $3,000; geo1graph;F-one $2,700, one $2,500; two topographers, at $2,000


j¤n*;g**;,l_Q,¤9gj¤¤- €8cGen;nral expenses: ’For every expenditure requisite for and incident ’ to the authorized work of the Geological Survey, including the pur- "°‘°' '°‘**°‘°'· chase for field use only of not exceeding four motor-propelled vehicles at a total cost not exceeding $2,800, and not exceeding sixteen horsedrawn vehicles at a total cost not exceeding $2 400, and personal services in the District of Columbia and in the_iield, to be expended under the regulations from time to time prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, and under the following heads: Skilled ¤¤¤¤r·¤- For pay of skilled laboreis and various temporary employees, $20,000; "';_g>1¤>e¤·¤1>¤·¤¢ =¤¢- For topographic surveys in various portions of the United States, ` $350,000· G¤>¤<>si·= ¤¤¤*·Y=· For geblogic surveys in the various portions of the United States, $400 000* e

 ’h”' Fdr chemicaland physical researches relating to the geology of the

United States, mclu ing researches with a view of deterrmmng geol§ical conditions favorable to the presence of deposits of potash s ts $40 000; m"’°"“°"“‘ Fdr preparation of the illustrations of the Geological Survey, $18 80• P0¤{g§¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤·¤¤¤¤ ¤•· S Bidi- pigparaticn of the report of the mineral resources of the United tates 5 000; W¤*~*¤¤¤v¤¥· For, auging streams and determining the water sup 1 of the United tates, the mvestigation of underground currents an artesian wells, and the preparation of reports upon the best methods of utilizing the water resources, $150,000; L"""" For purchase of neccssary_ books for the library, including directories and professional and scientific periodicals needed for statistical purposes, nggiding payment in advance for subscriptions to publicatiom, $2, ; “°P¤- For engraving and rin geol 'c ma $110,000· ,_§;“°¤°*‘°"'” ’“" For continuation oi)to]iii§·ai>hi<i)§1uweyI;Sbf the public lands that have been or may hereafter e esignated as national) forests, $75,000; In all, United States Geological Survey, $1,305,520. B°’°•¤ °'“*¤°°· BUREAU or imma. °§§f§""‘_°"*’°""°"·’°" For general expenses` ay of the director and necess m·4¤#ii•·4¤¤· assistants, clerks, and dther cmp olyees in the office at Washingtbii; District of Columbia, and in the field, and eve? other_e1%eDse requisite for and incident to the general work of the ureau in ashington, llistrict of Columbia, and in the field, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, $70,000· ,,§‘,§§,§{g*j$€ “"“° _For investigation as to the causes of mine explosions, methods of mimngkespecially in relation to the safety of mmeis, the appliances best a ated to prevent accidents, the possible improvement of conditions un er which mining operations are carried on, the use of explosives and electricity, the prevention of accidents, and other inquiries and tec)hnolog1c mvestigations pertinent to the mining industry, $347 ,00 ; m$EZ`?°°“° °“““°' For purchase of inine—rescue,first-aid, and iire-fighting equipment and supplies for use in the operation of mine-rescue cars and stations, $30,000; T°i"°=P'**·°·¤¤*P· For purchase of steam and electri nt f l light mt and power to the testing plant of thec}i§1(irUdi)1iI1§f MiiiIess`:ii:)}l’1ttsEurgh, Pennsylvania, $10,000.