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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. 647 For investigation of mineral fuels and unfinished mineral products Tm! ‘¤°”· °°·=· belonggag to or for the use of the United States, with a view to their most cient preparation treatment and use including personal services in ureau at Vlashington, Dktrict of Columbia, not in excess of the number and total compensation of those so grpgglocygd during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, Fdr induiries and scientific and technol inves ations concern— ,m·§‘*`[u*$?¤*•°¤¤¤¤¤ ing the mining, pqreparation, treatment, (grid utilizidiion of ores and ’°i°` o er mineral su tancas, with a view to improvigig health conditions and increasing safety, emciency, economic dev opment and conserving resources the lpreveptron of waste in the mining, gpearrymg, metallurgical, and other industries; to inquire into economic conditions 8£6001!.\g these mdustnes: Provided, That no mm. part thereof may be used for mvestigation in behalf of any private R°’"‘°“°"" party, nor shall any {part thereof be used for work authorized or

 by law topbe onegby any other branch of the public service,

Not twenty per`cent&‘of the foregoing sum and not __*,*·g¤¢¥¤*v¤•¤¤•¤

 tenpercentum of the sum for investigation as to causes of '

mine e osiorfmay be during the year nineteen hundred E I in dma and fifteen for personal services m the District of Columbia; and for required wana. the Hscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen, and annually thereafter estimates shall be submit i6cal11y for all personal services required permanently en y in the ureau of at Washington, District of»C0l'I1Illb18, and previously paid from lump sum or gerlgeral appropriations. th md mt. or an investigationsco emining, pre tion, N hump treatment, and utilization of petroleum and natural. gies, witgnuaa view iw- gu M" to economic development, an conserving resources t rough the prevention of waste; to inquire into the economic conditions a ecting the industry: $25,000; Mine inspector, For one mine inspector for duty in Alaska, $3,000; ·*-'·¤¤· For er diem, subject to such rules and regulations as the Secretary P" ‘“°"" of the Interior may prescribe, in lieu of subsistence at a rate not exceed.i.ng1$5 per day when absent on official business from his designated eadquarters, and for actual necessary traveling expenses of said inspector, $2,500; _ _ Bm M For technical and scientific books and publicatrons and books of ‘ reference, including payment in advance for subscriptions to publications? $17500; Head nsrters for For purchase or lease of the necessary land, where and under such mm•·¤3¤•em. conditions as the Secretary of the Interior may direct, for the headquarters of five mine rescue cars and for the construction of the ,,,,,,,,,_ necessary railwa sidings on the same, $1,000: Provided That the A¤¤•1>=·¤¤· M 1¤¤·i¤» Secretary of the Interior is authorized to accept any suitable land or lands that may be donated for said purpose; In all, for the Bureau of Mines, $725,000. _ Tmpmry umm 0, Persons employed durinig the fiscal year nineteen hundred and new empioyes. fifteen in Held work, outsi e of the District of Columbia, under_the Bureau of Mines may be detailed temporarily for service at Washmgton, District of Columbia, for purposes onlylof consultation or in con- mum Kwai nection with the lggparation of results of their field work; all persons so detailed shall paid in addition to their regular compensation only their actual traveling expenses in to and returngilghthero- R,pm0,d,um_ from· and all details made hereunder, and the purposes of , during the fiscal year shall beupegported, in the annual estimates of _&ppI'0· priations, to the Sixty-fo Congress at its first regular sesswn.