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SIX'I`Y-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. 649 that qlart of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation east of lower Saint Mary ake to a gint in or near section thirt -five, township thirty- six north, range teen west, on the boundary line between the Glacier Nations Pak and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, $75,000. The .,,;%°°°*’““°*°’**¤°¤· Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to accept atented lands or rights of way over ipatented lands in the Glacier National Park that may be donated or parlklpurposes (Acts May eleventh v°l'°°’°°°°" mneteen hundred and ten, volume t ° y-six, age three hundred and Am ,9 fifty-four, sections one, two; June twenty-third; nineteen hundred and ’ p` ` thirteen, yolume thirtp-eight gage fort¥nine, section seventeen). Yosemite National ar , C omiaz or protection and improve- Y¤¤¤¤=i*~· ment, construction and repair of bridges, fences, and trails, and imperovernent of roads other than toll roads, $100,000. quora National Park, California: For protection and improve- S¤¤¤°*¤· ment, construction and repair of bridges, fences, and trails, and improvement of roads other than toll roatk, including the urchase of necessary land where and under such conditions as the Secretary of the Interior may direct, for rangI;· station at a cost not exceeding $500; and the Secretary of the terior is hereby authorized to m;‘§°°°P‘“°°° °“°“d'· accept patented lands or rgghts of way whether over patented or other lands in the Sequoia ational Park that may be donated for park purposes, $15,550. Genera Grant National Park, California: For (protection and °°""““ °'“‘*· improvement, construction of fences and trails, an repairing and extension of roads, $2,000. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington: For protection and ”°“'"R‘“'“°’· improvement, construction of roads, bridges, fencm, and trails, and impgovernents of roads $51 000. _ esa Verde National Park, Colorado: For protection and improve- 1*** v°'d•· ment, $10,000. _ Crater Lake National Park, Oregon: For protection and rmprove- °'°*°'L“** ment, and repairing and extension of roads, $8,040. Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota: For improvement and Wm °“°· protection, $2,500. _ Platt National Park, Oklahoma: For maintenance, bridging, roads, Y’*“· and trails, $8,000. covnnnunm rrosrrrar. ron mn msann. w‘§‘g§§‘},'·§,$g{* H°*1* For support, clothing, and treatment in the Government Hospital ¤¤¤¤¤¤•¤¤¤.¤w· for the Insane of the insane from the Arrlzqy and Navy, Manne_CorE•x Revenue-Cutter Service, inmates of the ational Home for Drsab Volunteer Soldiers, persons charged with or convicted of crimes against the United States who are insane all persons who have become insane since their entry mto the_m1l.1tary and naval service of the United States who have been admrtted to the hospital and who are indigent, including purchase maintenance, and driving of necessary horses and vehicles and ot! horses and vehicles for official use of the superintendent, $284,943; and not exceedrqg $1,500 of this sum may be expended in defrayin the expense o the removal of patients to their friends; not exc $1,000 may be expended m the purchase of such books, periodi , and pagrs as may_be required for the purposes of the hospital and for e med1cal_hbrary, and not exceeding $1,500 for ac and necessary expenses incurred in the apprehension and retum to the hospital of esceaped patients. ms om 0, wb Authority is anted to sell or exchange condemn d:¤=¤¢g •=q¤ir>m¤¤¤. machines, auncgiy machinery, and other equipment, agp ying the °°' roceeds therefrom to replacing new equipment for the vemment Elospital for the Insane. For the buildings and (groxmds, as follows: suuirags me For general repairs an im`provements, $55,000. sr¤¤¤d¤· For roadways, grading, an walks, $5,000.