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48 SIX'I`Y·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. B,m,,,,,,um.,_ nunnau or imma. ,,,““'““{§°’,, "“" "’°°““ For the general enses of the Bureau of Mines, including the pay 6 v¤1.a1,p.ns. of the director anedipthe necessary assistants, clerks, and pther 6I§I• ployees in the office at Washington, District of Columbia, and in the field, and for every other expense requisite for and mcident to the general work of the Bureau of Mines in Washington, District of Columbia, qntdl inhthe Eeldélzto be expended under the direction of the . Secre 0 e terior, 0,000; _ _ ,,§,‘} 'j£l,i mm Foilzhle investigation as to the causes of mme explosions, methods of mining, ecially in relation to the safety of miners, the appliances best mpted to prevent accidents, the possible improvement of conditions under which mining operations are carried on, the use of explosives and electricity, the prevention of accidents, ami other Qilnguiries and technologc investigations pertinent to the mining ° us , $347 · T°’°”""°'“' Forin the and of the coals, ligites, ores, and other mineral fuel substances belonging to or for use of the United States, including nal services m the Bureau of Mines at Wash-· ington, District oi Columbia, not in excess of the number total co tion of those so employed during the fiscal year nineteen

d twelve, $135,000; i _ V

,,{,?{‘}'fi,"§Y '°""'*"° For inquiries and investigations into the muring and treatment of ores and other mineral substances, with special reference to safety ,,'(_g,?‘;g;m& and waste, $100 000: Provided, That no part thereof may be used for invest' tion in behalf of any private party, nor shall any dpart thereof be usdda for work authorized or required by law to be one by any mu www officr branch of the publicfsergice; A] $3 anna. "' or one mine inspec' for or utyin sska, ,000; P¤*<**¤¤¤· sw- For perdiem, subject to such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe, in lieu of subsistence at a rate not exce $5 per day when absent on official business from his d · 6518

 headquarters, and for actual necessary traveling expenses of

said inspector, $3,500; _ _ B°°"’·°°°· For technical and scxentiiic books and publications and books of referergcekgacluding payment in advance for subscriptions to publications, 1, ; ¤g_·g¤¤·¤¤r¤ M For the purchase or lease of the necessary land, where and under ru °°°° °°”` such conditions as the_Secretary of the Interior may direct, for the mm headquarters of fivengine-rescue cars and for the construction of the ,,,,,,,2;,,,, ,,,,,,,,d,_ necessary railway sidings on the same, $2,000: Provided, That the Secretariyjglpf the nterior IS hereby authorized to accept any suitable Y land or ds that may be donated for said purpose; In all, for the Bureau of Mines, $662,000. m'°°"‘°°°"* mscmximnous onmcrs, DEPARTMENT or run mrniuon. ,,$2*§'?,‘Z,'",,,°.§',f"’°°°”"‘ Expenses of testimony in disbarmeut proceedings; For actual and necessary expenses to enable the Secretary of the Interior to take testimony, and prepare the same, in connection with disbarment proceedings mstituted against persons charged with im ro er practices before the Department of the Interior, its bureaus and ogiees, $1,000, , or so much thereof as may be necessary. can or mms. Care and custody of the insane of Alaska: For the care and custody of persons legally adjudged insane in the District of Alaska, including transportation and other expenses, $57,000. -""“"‘“°°· Education in Alaska: To enable the Secret of the In eri ' . . . . . . Mg ther, m his discretion and under his direction, to provide for the education and support of the Eskunos, Aleuts, Indians, and other natives of Alaska; for erection, repair, and rental of school buildings: for text-