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652 SIXTY-TIHRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. Gwm“'*°°°°,» B°•"‘°‘ For trave e enses, fees, and mileage allowance of witnesses Aww"` before the Bldligd dip United States General_A}&pra1sers, $3,000. _ c,,°,;‘g¤*“¤¤ ’°“’ m Defending suits in claims against the Umte States: For defraymg ` the necess expenses incurred in the examination of witnesses an rocuringlliiyevidence in the matter of claims agamst_ the United States and such other expenditures as may be necessary;-T1n defending suits in the Court of Claims, including de ense for the nited States ,,,,’§,§`,,§f""‘ ”’°‘“”°“ in the matter of French spoliation clauns, not exceeding $500 of which may be expended for law books, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, $17,000. _ · ,,,'§°,,',€$,?°,‘,3,,‘§,“,€,}_*"°‘** Detection and prosecution of crimes: For the detection and prosecution of crimes t the United States; the mvestxgation of the official acts, records and accounts of marshals, attorneys clerks, and referees of the Ilnited States courts and the Temtoual courts and United States commissioners, for which purpose all the official pgpers, records, and dockets of said officers, without exception, P I I, mm-, examined by the agents of the Attorney General at andy time; am. for the rotection of the person of the President of the Umte States; for such other investigations oiicial matters under the control of the Department of ustice as may be directed by the Attorney General, including not to exceed 18,500 for necessary employees at the seat of vernment, to be expended under the direction of tht Attorney Gilded ral, $485,300. I F th u ruspwuuuomrhm. Inspection o risons an risoners an aro e: or e mspec' °ou °t°' of United Statespprisons ang for the collection, classification, and gsservation of criminal identification records, and their exchange wi the omcials of State and other institutions, to be e nded under the direction of the Attorney General, $10,000. ,,,§°¥,,,,":§m*'g,,,{_P§_“ ‘iT»°;r. in Indian depredation claims: For salaries and expenses in defense of the Indian depredation claims, including not exceeding $6,000 for salaries of necemary emtgtpyees in Washington, District o Columbia, to be expended under d1reetion of the Attomey Gen- Traveltng, ctc., ex- 900° e · _ ' · I l pam. _ veling and miscellaneous expenses. For traveling and other . ·*""*°°°*P°'¤’°°•°· miscellaneous and emergltncy expenses, including advances made by the disbursing clerk aut omzed and apfroved by the Attorney General, to be expended, at his discretion, the provisiom of the first gara- R-8-·=°°·3"*8·P·”’· graph of section thirty-six hundred and forty-eight, Revised tat- E I _ mm utes, to the contrary notwithstanding, $7,500. — -» ·· · ·· nw.? °'°“" “" Enforcement of antitrust laws: For the enforcement of antitrust laws, mclucling not exceeding $15,000 for salaries of necessary em- {',gg°*,{j;·p,0__m,,¤g ployees at the seat of government, $300 000: Provided, however, That labor qrsantmmns. no art of this money shall be spent in the rosecution of an o anigc { bgdd P • • • P y rg ° " °’ °“‘ zatnon or individual for entering into ans; combination or agreement having m view the increasing o wages, orteninglprf hours or better- Oruumuom 0, ing the conditions of labor, or for any act done in therance thereof, ¤¤mm.m. not m itself unlawful: Provided tgurtlwr, That no art of this appropriation shall be expended for e prosecution ofpproducexs of farm products and asmciations of farmers who cooperate and organize in an effort to and for the pugose to obtain and maintain a fair and reasonable price for their pr nets. C,§,‘?,§¤,‘;'g{¥{,*§;*g_ 5*;; Tlglpits Ito aside copvctvances of allotted lands, Izitre Civilizcg gwwoms es: or epaymen o necessaryexpensesmci en oan sm M d°°“°°m°““‘ brought at the reguest of the Secretary 0 the Interior in the gastern 'jl1(l.lCI8.l distnct o Oklahoma, to be exptmded under the direction of the Attomey General, the unexpended alance of the appropriations heretofore made for this purppse is reappropriated ang continued Eyailable for the service of the Hscal year nineteen hundred and teen.