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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 223. 1914. 655 nineteen hundred eleven, entitled "An Act to codify revise, and my ¤P°¤¤°¤- amend_the laws relating to the judiciary;" of meals and lodging for jurors in United States cases, and of bailiffs in attendance upon the same, when ordered_by the court, and of meals and lodging for jurors Q,;*§fk,§·,6, ur Alaska, as provided by section one hundred and ninety-three, ' ` Title II, of the Act of June sixth, nineteen hundred; and of com °“" °°“"““"°“°'“· satron for jury commissioners, $5 per day, not exceeding three 3;; for any one term of court, $275 000. _ For payment of such miscellaneous expenses as may be author- p.£.,?°?1'““°°“’ °" ized by the Attorney General, for the United States courts and their oflicers, $550,000: mmkled, That in so far as it may be deemed {,’g’j;’· necessary by the Attorney General, this a propriation shall be avail- ` abie for suc Hexpepseis the District of éaska. d S ppm or sup es, mc ud1ng_ exchange o ewriting an addmg` “ ‘ machines {gr the United States courts anipjudicial officers, to be expended under the direction of the Attomey General, $35,000. S I _ or support of United States prisoners, including} necemary cloth- m,`1"»£Y" ° pm"' mg medical aid, discharge gratuities provided E law an transportatron to place of conviction or place of bona de residence in the United States or such other place within the United States as may be authorized by the Attorney General, for support of prisoners becoming insane during imprisonment, and who continue msane after expuation of sentence who have no friends to whom they can be sent; for expenses of ship ingjremains of deceased prisoners to their friends or relatives in the nited States and for expenses of interment of deceased prisoners whose remains are imclarmed; for expenses of care and treatment of guards elnlrlployed by the United States who may be injured by prisoners w e said guards are ende avormlg to prevent escape or suppress mutiny; for erpienses incurred in idenf ying aud(purs1ung escaped prisoners and or rewards for their recapture, an not exceeding $2,500 for repairs, betterments, and 6161{provements of United States jails, mcluding sidewalks, $500, . For the support of the United States penitentiary at Leavenworth, i>A°.?i·:°.l`»$i¢i:¢iiil`xa¤s. Kansas, as fol ows: For subsistence, including supplies from the prison stores for war- _ S“"°"'°"°°‘ den, deputy warden, and physician, tobacco for prisoners, kitchen and dining-room furniture and utensils, seeds and implements, and for purchase of ice if necessary, $60,000; _ For clothing, trans ortation,aud traveling expenses, including mate- ,,,2j’§‘{‘,,{‘*‘·""“*’°"°‘ rials for making clotliing at the penitentiarg; gratuities for prisoners at release, provided such gratuities shall e to prisoners sentenced for terms of imprisonment of not less than six months and transportation to place o conviction or place of bona fide residence in the United States, or to such other Cplace within the United States as may be authorized by the Attomey eneral; for expenses of shipping remains of deceased prisoners to their homes in_t e United States; for expenses of penitentiary officials while traveling on officral duty; for expenses incurred in pursuing and rdentrfying escaped prisoners, and for rewards for their recapture, $25,000. For miscellaneous expenditures m the discretion of the Attorney m’°°"‘“°°“"‘ General, for fuel, forage, hay, light, water, stationery, Esurchase of fuel for enerating steam, heatinglgpparatus, buming bric and ligne; for e fgr issue to public anirna , and hay and straw for bedding; blaiilr books, blank forms, typgwriting suppliw, Ipencils and memorandum books for guards, boo for use in chapp , paper, envelopes, and postage stamps fpr issue to prisoners; for la or and materrals_for repairing steam—heating plant, electric plant and water circulation, and drain e; for labor and materials for construction and repair of buildings ;g¥or general supplies, machinery, and tools for use on farm