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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. 659. coasr AND cnonnrrc smzvnr. Su°r$jg;§_°¤d G°°d¤**° For every ggpenditure requisite for and incident to the work of the Exp°"“°”‘ Coast and G_ etic Survey, and including compensation not otherwise appropriated for, of tplersons employe in the held worlr, and commutation to officers of e held force while on held duty, at a rate not exceeding $2.50 per day each, to be eigended in accordance with the regulations relating to the Coast and eodetic Survey from time to time prescribed by the Secretary of Commerce, an under the _ following heads: Pmvuled, That advances of money under this a%pro— {§°;'§,°.;.,, pnatron may be made to the Coast and Geodetic Survey an EH authority of the supermtendent thereof to chiefs of parties, who sh ge bond under such rules and r tions and in such sum as the retary of Commerce may direct and accounts arising under such advances shall be rendere through and by the Coast and Geodetic Survey to the Treasury Department as under advances heretofore mahdizltéo chiefs of pI‘art1es. d f th A md mma expenses: or surv an necessary resurv 0 e Atlantic and’Gu1I tic and Gulf coasts of th:2[’il'nited States, includixgs the coasts of °°°,:,°°a_;,_°_ Luggiplghislands under the jurisdiction of the United States: Pm- nn¤¤¤,m.¤¤m¤- ' , at not more than $25,000 of this amount shall be expended "°“‘ on the coasts of said outlying islands, and the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal, $65,000; For surveys and necessary resurveys of coasts on the Pacihc Ocean P°"'”° °°°"‘· unirler the jurisdiction we Uniteg Statpsil$165,000i1 61 to mmm hyd 0- or continuing rese es in ysica drograp y, r ating _ ’ harbors and bars, and for tidal and) current oliservations on the coasts www of the United States, or other coasts imder the jurisdiction of the United States, $6,400; (mum ummm For offshore soundings and examination of reported dangers on the com rua, ea. coasts of the United States, and of coasts un er the jurisdiction of the United States, and to continue the compilation of the Coast Pilot, and to make special hydrographic examinations, and including the employment of such pilots and nautical experts in the held an office as may be necessary for the same, $15,000; _ ou om For continuing magnetic observations and to establish meridian a°li2'$i¢.° M" lines in connection therewith in all parts of the United States, and for mak' magnetic observations in other regions under the jur1sdiction of the llnited States, including the pprchase of additional magnetic instruments, and the lease of sites w ere necessary and the erection of tem orary magnetic buildings· for continuing the hne of exact levels libtween the Atlantic Pacihc, and Gulf coasts; for furnishing “};_’f““ *° S°‘“'°’· points to State surveys, to be applied as far as practicable in States where points have not been fmjmshed; for determinations of geoaphical positions for continuing gravity observations, and for Sletermining trans-ritlantic longitu e, including instrumental equ1p· ment! $56·’0O0; . Special surveys. For any special surveys that may be reqmred by the Bureau of Lighthousm or other proper authority, and contingent expenses incident thereto, $10,000; For objects not hereinbefore named that may be deemed urgent, · m’°°"“°°°"‘ · including the preparation or purchase of preliminary plans and s ecihcations o vessels; actual necessar% expenses of officers of the diald force temporarily ordered to the 0 ce at Washington for consultatipln {ge superintendent, $3,000. In a or e expenses, $320,400. Vessels: For repairs and maintenance of the compleuient of ae. vessels, includiig traveling ezppenses of the person the repairs, but excluding engrnee s supplies and other ship chan lery, $40,000.