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666 SIXTY-THIRD coirennss. sms. II. GH. 223. 1914. 1·¤1me1¤ui¤.1>a. Philadelphia Pennsylvania: For completion of inspection house B“°°i"“’°°°‘ on pier, accoxidixig to plans (prepared %>l1;11 that purgiose, $15,000; fg; ° tall ti to te ti , inc ud1ng` structur izlhsanggs i(f1I<lid)en€ t(ili;retfo,]g4,0(00?fo(i·Ii:onstruction of sea wall on river front and dirt fill behind san;:ph$5,500; for boring arltesian weltluapld ' talhng' ess ' tt1ngs' to connect wit station - lm $3 1105.2 fo8i·ry tq1§g a aratus and installation thereof, mgsl ) .7 _ EE _ _ , $5,400; for mstalhng laundry fac ties and remodeling of plumbing and heating apparatus connected therewith, $2,700; in all, $35,700. 1¤¤¤¤s¤¤¤<>¤¤•r¤¢<¤· I IMMIGRATION snnvxcm. E"'°m“g,,,,m,g,,““’§‘§' Fo all enses of the enforcement of the laws regulating immi- %- no I atidn ofeaxliims into the United States, includirgg the contract-labor §£ws; goat of tlihe repoptslpf (clloecisions of theélgedegl gourts, and digepts t ereo , or the use o the mmissioner ner 0 III1IIl1gl‘· ation; or salaries and ognf all officers, cilerlzls, and employ¢}est1appXi:nte<% V¤¤·3·*»v·8¤8· to enfo e said ws; orcem nt o the rovisions o e t o V°l`36’P`m` Februar]; twentieth, nineteen hilmdred andpseven, entitled "An Act to regulate the immigration of aliens into the United Statos," and 4*·*¢»r»5°°· Acts amendatoryutxlhereof; necessary supplies, including exchange of CH , I typewriti§0mac 'bes, allteggtioanlz) and repairs, andhfolrlsll other ex- ` penses au ysai t; orpreven the a en of Chinese into the United States, by the alliglgintment of suitalzrlle oflicers to enfaciice the laws in rels;tiondther§ctol;D1 £f rlgtutrg-d `to°a `esersonsounto a yineni glites, iniluding the cosligf and Fxpéanse of conveyance o ese persons to e nt1er or sea or eportation, mmm "°"d °”' and for the refunding of head tax upon presentation of evidence showing conclusivelayl that collection was made through error of Govern- ,,mm_ ment officers; to be expended under the direction of the Secretary cemupssxoiraar at of Labor,_ $2,649 500: Pnwided, however, That the Commissioner of NEz1¢(i¤Z°i:°}i&¤a.` Immigration to discharge at New Orleans,_Louisiana, the duties now $‘£§’§?t§£ fi$&‘§”’m”“¤m sh(:ill1Bl;i;§> mgoattd ?§“£1‘56§Xmt£‘2.@°.TL’§ for the same term as the said other colfnmissioners, and shall have the same official status as they; and that section thirty-four of the immi- Vai-3*,v-908- gration_ Act approved February twentieth, nineteen hundred and S6V61;l,_1S hereby; re ealed in so far as it conflicts with the foregoing S°*¤’Y ’°°“°°d- provision: P_r0mde<i_ further, however, That the salary of the said commissioner of ixugration at New Orleans, Louisiana, shall be reduced to the sum o ,900 per annum. $£i$Xii{ai&°?¤%its. The Secretary of Iiabor is authorized to execute a lease for office quarters for the _United States Immigration Service at Montreal Canada, for a pemod of four years from July first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, at a rate of rental not exceeding $4,500 per annum. {’,,°{f,§§€‘§’}§§}""°‘ To pay to George Sutherland for mformation that led to the collection of $20,000 111 penalties from the Barre Wool Combing Company, of Barre, Massachusetts, for importing aliens wma Mom unger cont}r)acvt,a1m viiagation of the gmmgradorlazlagvs, $1,020. 1,,,0,,;,,,,, ,,,§’§“· o pay ter omeau or in ormation t thed to the collection of $1,000 in nalties from Wilson Broth of W , W` - consin, {gr im§o6·(1;1If1€g aliens under contract, in gidlation éuilziel imnisi- _ gration ws, . c,,°.f,§§”;l S‘°'““*’*P For refund to the Toyo Kisen Kaisha (Oriental Steamshi Com- R¤ ¤*¤- pany) of amount oyerglaid to the United States for hospital) treatment of two ahens m e Angel Island immigration hosp1ta1 for the peiéod from July tenth to twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and tw ve, $35.