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670 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. Representatives, of the statements for the first second sessions of the Sixty-third Con$·ess, showing appropriations made,_ new offices created, offices e salaries 0 w ch have been omitted, increased, or reduced, indefinite appro tions, and contracts authorized, to ether with a chronologicagnliistory of the regular v°‘·”·P·“’· appropriation bills, as required by law, $:1000, be paid to perpkons designated by the chairmen of said committees to do said wo . B°‘“"’° °’“f""‘ Botani Garden: For gen al repairs to buildings heating appara- Repwmw tus, paintiing, glazing, repaiis to footwalks and rdadways, general repairs to packing sheds, storerooms, and stables, including pprchaee oi pp-igr lawn$6m0%vger, under the d1rection of the Jomt Committee on t e . $§§{‘g§,’f*;,$§§'g,a°fg?f,$g The Z1¢-gd bphlangsecoi the appropggatilon of $2,5001mtw in th;

17. p. ua. Sundry ` ct or 0 a ear 0 I1 un an 0 an

‘"‘"’ p' °°‘ su U(;l.`|.lZl made available fd; thenfiuslcal years nineteen hundrled and bw; I .

 and plineligen hunélrreg and fgurtein, fogiggmovxng fence and

. aroun e tamc ar enan suc gra S01lJ11g,S86d1Dg. and sodding as may be incident thereto, is hereby reiappropriated and madie avlaiilpble for the same purposes for the fiscal year mneteen hung dre an teen. 0* Sf¤*‘° °°'°° B°“** Senate Office Building: For maintenance, miscellaneous items and hirmemme. sup lies, and for all necessary personal and other services_for the careandp operation of the Senate Office Building under the direction and su ° n of the Senate Committee on Rules $55,000. F“’°**°*°· For fumiture for Senate Office Buildiugland lhbor and material den0%%herreto, including carpets, window ades, awnings, and so forth, $5 . ‘ ,_S,§°°u,*g]}*jf°”°”¤ md For the Capitol: For repairs, improvements, and uipment for Senate kitchens and restaurants Ca itol Building andagenate Office Building, personal and officr services, to be expended by the Superintendent of the Cap1tol Building and Grounds, under the supprvision of the Comnnttee on Rules, United States Senate, $17 ,500. mEf°¤=•> 0***** B¤”d· ouse OfHce Building: For maintenance, including miscellaneous imummuce. items, and for all necessary services, $45,712. Cugglfggf P**¤*· Ofgapgoullgpnwer plgrgg For tthe Calpilslol, Senatgtgnd Hong; ce gs an ngression rary ' about the sand, Botanic _Garden, Senate stsllblglsnghdnengidglhcirihe, House stables, Maltby Building, and folding and storage rooms of the um, w as an eec no me o 0 verni§£““‘ pil. 2i5¤i”¤f§`§}€?‘}i““ °' “‘§‘°i""$” ""°t§?§° ?H1£?.° "°’ {ment in the Districgl of (éolulpibia without additional corgpensation; prnecessaryperson an otherservi es; andf rmt dlbo . m connection with the maintenancecand operiitioiii gillhealieatiin it

 and power plant, and substations connected therewith,

$9 .

  • `“°‘· °“· °‘°· lflor fuel, oil, and cotton waste, and advertising for the power plant

pmhms not nr which furnishes heat and light for the_Cap1tol an congressional buildngltgwumuppnyeom. 111gSé $85,300. This and the foregoing appregnatipug shall bg ox. "” °°· pen ed by the Superintendent of the apitol lillldlllg and Grounds imder the supervision and direction of the commissiomn in control of "°*·?·*· P- 13**5- the House Office Building, alppointed under the Act approved March Vo1.36,p.531. fourth, nineteen hundred an seven, and without reference to section four of the Act approved June seventeenth, nineteen hundred and ten, concerning purc ases for executive departments. eE‘0's’?;?‘°°’ ""“*’ eovsmsnmm rnmrmo orrxcn. _ runmc rnmrmc AND nmnmo. e4’§’·£L‘$‘2'e"“" once ofPub1ic ri-mer: rubuc rams, :5,500; pmaesing agent, $3,600; chief clerk, $2,500; accountant, $2,500; assistant purchasing