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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. 671 agent, $2 500; cashier and paymaster, $2 ,500; clerk in charge of Congressional Record at the Capitol, $2 500; assistant accountant, $2,250; chief trrnekeeper, $2,000; paying teller, $2,000; c1erks—two at $2,000 each, nme of class four, eleven 0 class three, seven of class two, six of class one, mne at $1,000 each, five at $900 each, sixteen at $840 each; paymaster’s guard, $1,000; doorkeepers—chief $1,200, one $1,200, six assistants at $1,000 each; messenciers—two, at $840 each; delivery men—<:h1ef $1 ,200, five at $950 ea ; telephone switchboard operator, $720; three assistant telephone switchboard operators, at $600 each; six messerrger boys, at $420 each; in all, $131 660. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Office o Deputy Public Printer: De uty Public Printer, $4,500; •*?:&· gwo ealerks of clam one; chemist, $1,680; messenger, $840; in all, 9 34 . Watch force: Captain, $1,200; two lieuteuants, at $900 each; sixty- w°t°M°t°°` four watchmen, at $720 each; in all, $49,080. Holm Holida§: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the provi- Y" sions of e law holidays and the Executive order léerilf hogiilays · pay to the employees of the Government ting ce, 85,0 . _ Leaves of absence: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the mm °‘ b°°°°°' provisions of the law thirty days' annual leave to the emplcizyees of the Government PrmtingbO$ce, $330,000. ,,,,,,,,0 pmtm md or the public printing, for the u lic binding, and for pszper for the hmm:. t public printing and binding, incluging the cost of printing e debates "“"°‘°° ““‘°°” ‘ and proceeding of Congriess in the Copgieisgiggniail Record, (md for litigap , mapping an 8Vl11g, or ouses o ngress, e girggerne Count of the Uniwréitates the Supreme Court of the District of lumbia, the Court of Claims, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution the Interstate Commerce Commission the International Bureau of American Republics, the Executive Office, and the departments· for salaries compensation, or wages, of all necessary °m°°°"‘°"°‘ employees additional to those herein specifically appropriated for, including the compensation of the foreman of binding and the foreman of printing; rents, fuel, gas, electric current gas and electric fixtures; vmm M bicycles, orses, wagons, harness, electrical vehicles for_ the carriag ’ of printing and printingbsaupplies only, and the care, driving, and su sistence o the same, to used only or official purposes, inc udrné the purchase, maintenance, and driving of horses and vehicles for 0 cial use of the officers of the Government Prmting Office when in ordered by the Public_ Printer; frerght, expressage, telegra h an telephone service; furniture, typewriters, and carpets; travelling ex— enses, tationery, postage, and advertising; directories, technical books, and books of reference, not exceeding $500; adgllliglgljxand numbering machines time stamps, and other machines of r charac- I M d ter; machinery (hot exceeding $100 000); eqlurfpment, and for repairs ,.,¤§,‘€.i'.°" "" to machinery, implements, and buildings, an or minor alterations to buildings; necessary equipment maintenance, and supplies for the emergency room for the use of all employees in the Government Printing Office who may be taken suddenly ill or rece1ve_ injury while on hm duty; other necessary contingent and miscellaneous items authorized .a“°°°°“'°°, °‘ ‘ ’ by the Public Printer; and for all the necessary materials and equipment needed in the prosecution and delivery and marhng of the wor , $4 463 820; Tm, ln all, for public printing and binding, including salaries of office ' force, payments for holidays and leaves o absence, and the last·na:med sum, $5,168,900; arid from the said sum printingland binding be done by the Public Printer to the amounts fo owing, respectively, ¤¤¤¤¤lY= . . . . . . . mma For rinting and binding for Congress, mcludmin the proceedings cmpu. and deibates, $1,696,700. And printing and bin g for Congress chargeable to this appropriation, when recommended to be done by