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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223, 1914. 677 struction of permanent quarters, offices and other necessary buildings, dry docks, reqlair shops, yards, docks, wharves, warehouses, storehouses, and other necessary facilities and appurtenances for the urpose of providing coal and other materials, labor, repairs, and supplies, and except for the permanent operating organization under which ,,,, j"¢°”*¤· the compensation of the various positions is limited b section four V<>¤~ 37. 1>· 117- of the Panama Canal Act, there shall not be employed at any time . during the fiscal year nineteen hrmdred and fifteen under any of the foregoing appropriations for the Panama Canal, any greater number of persons t an are specified in the notes submitted respectively in connection with the estimates for each of said appropriations in the annual Book of Estimates for said year, nor shall there be paid to any m,,°§,’§_§{°”““°“ ‘°‘ of such persons during that iiscal year any greater rate of compensation than was authorized to be paid to persons occupying the same or like positions on the first day of July, nineteen hundred and thirteenand all employments made or compensation increased because of emergencies or conditions so arising shall be specificallfy set forth with the reasons therefor, biy_ the governor in his report or the fiscal yeiaflnineteengiundred and teen. d unt In N cases o eme ncies arising subsequent to an oreseen ,,,0,,,,,, ,,5 ° “P‘ at the time of submI§2ing the annual estimates to Congress, ten per io centum of the foregoing amounts shall be available interchangea ly for Gwhdltllfé on objects named- but not more than ten per centum shall added to any one item of the appropriation. Foarimcarrous, raiuiu cimsn. *`°’“°°‘“°°"'· For the following for fortifications and armament thereof for the Panama Canal to be immediately available and to continue available until expended, namely: Electric light and power plants: For the purchase and installation E‘°°°"° P"“""~ of electric light and power plants for the seacoast fortiications on the Canal Zone, $33,550; _ For buildings and material: ,,}§§{""“¤“ “" “"’ Toro Point- One concrete storehouse, $5,000; Ten buildings, at $900 each, $9,000; Miraliores or Gatlm- One storehouse, $5,000 ; Obstacles- Two thousand five hundred coils of barbed wire, at $3 each, $7,500; Two thousand five hundred poimds of staples, at $0.03, $75; Telephone line- 'I‘wenty-two miles, at $1,400 per mile, $30,800; In all, $57,375. _ (mmm and um For maintenance of clearings and trails: Clearings, four thousand three hundred and seventy acres, $21,000; Trails, seventy miles, $900 ; In au, $21,900. Ammunition For the purchase, manufacture, and test of ammunition for seacoast ‘ and land defense cannon, including the necessary experiments in connection therewith, and the machineryiiecessary for its manufacture PWM at the arsenals, $233,000: Provided, at the Chief of Ordnance, _ cemmés same:. United States Army, is authorized to enter into contracts or other- "°‘* wise incur obggatipns for the purposes above mentioned not to exceed $500,000, in dition to the appropriation herein made; _ For the alteration, maintenance, and installation of the seacoast · '“‘ artillery, includigggs the purchase and manufacture of machinery, tools, and materi necessary for the work, and expenses of civilian mechanics, and extra-duty pay of enlisted men engaged thereon, $26,000;