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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 223. 1914* 679 on such expenditures, excluding payments on account of the expenses for maintenance of such waterworks, sewers, and pavements incurred under agreement with the Panama Government, and otherwise herein dispose of, shall be covered into the Treasuréy as miscellaneous receipts. After the canal is opened for use an operation the net ,_§;’§g_ “°’“ °“'“ profits accruing during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen V¤l·37,P-564- rom the opprations herein authorized shall be covered into the Treasury_of the nited States, as provided for the profits accruing from the business authorized in section six of the Panama Canal Act. Sec. 4. That the consolidation of the functions of receiving, dis- z§,§”§g§§,‘{§,*,},‘;';§‘ bursmg, and accounting for the funds of the Canal Zone apvernment ,Ru;i£¤w.¤¤d <>¤¤¤i and the Panama Railroad operations on the Isthmus wi the func- ' tions of receiving, disbursingi, and accounting for the funds approprrated for the Panama Cana shall be and is ereby authorized in so Pm,,_,0_ ar as may be practicable: Promiled, That separate accounts shall be ¤¤p¤¤¤¤w=¤¤¤¤¤¤:- kegt of the transactions under each fund. A t D, mm nc. 5. That the collecting officers of the Panama Canal shall ren- u0¤?l°°° ° der their accounts in such detail, and shall transmit with their “°’“°“‘°“"·°‘°‘ accounts to the accountinglomcers of the Treasury charged with the *’°"#P·““°· settlement thereof all suc papers, records, and co ies relating to their transactions as collectors as shall be rescribed in regulations approved by the President, and, in his judgment, not incompatible V0, ,8 ms with the methods of accounting prescribed m the so-called Dockery 'P' ° Act, approved July thirty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-four. Submmm 0, d__ Sec. 6. That for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen and aim saunas me annuallsgathereafter the estimates of appropriations for the Panama ““°" Canal ll be submitted in detail, showing the amounts reiuired for personal services and the amounts requir·e for material inc uding all Supplies, under the heads of construction, maintenance, operatron, F*Pl¤¤¤°°'Y¤°’°°¤· sanitation, and civil government and follo v each there shall be submitted notes in parallel columnswiiiformation which will show the number, ygrade or classes, of officers,emplo ees, and skilled and unskilled laborers pro osed to be aid under each of said apfpropbriations for the ensuing Hgcal year and those paid at the close o the `rcal year next preceding the period when said estimates are pre- Ex mduun. °, pared and submitted; also, in connection with each item for material pmvicibs ym. and miscellaneous purposes other than salaries or pay for personal services, the amounts actually expended or obligated, cxlrantrties urchased, and prices aid for material or supplies during e entire gscal year next preceding the preparation and submission of said estimates. There shall also be submitted in connection with the foregoing Wig; market ¤¤¤· information, statements of actual unit cost of all construction wor '°°w° done, and of estimated unit cost of work proposed to be done, for the fiscal years included in the notes so required to be submitted with the aDSm&1$Sti'i'.h&tBih " h' dfthP Cl°‘”“*"'“°‘°‘ Ec. . at e a ro rratrons erem ma e or e anama ana , a m mm Egg, ··° other than those forli'Idrt£cations, or balances thereof, may be avail- xgiioiiasciiiym. lm able, during the last half of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, for expenditure for the purposes indicated by the several titles enumerated in the foregoing section,_ namely, construction, maintenance, operation, sanitation, and civil government,_ and_ be accounted for at the end of that year in such detail or classification, respectively, thereunder as may e determined by the Governor of the Panama Canal, or hereafter required by_ Congress; and such mg§‘}f’§,§’{’·Qf‘“°°'»*l*¤· balances may, on and after January first, nineteen hundred and iiftcen, constitute one fun.d for expenditure under said respectrye titles. Sec. 8. That until the close of the fiscal ear nineteen hundred and Bqgigjlgftf f,§c‘j’°,‘;;° fifteen, when any material, supplies, ann? equipment heretofore or be som warm: ai; hereafter purchased or acquire or the construction of the Panama '°"“*”“'