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682 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 224, 225. 1914. P¥°”"°· c any competent court to ascertain and fx said damages: Promlied wlllmng M domain That the entryman or the owner under such limited patent shall have the right to mine coal for use upon the la.nd for domestic purpospsdat any time prior to the disposal by the United States of the coa e osits. · &“‘§‘,§,;’,’g,‘§,‘{,,§’§ Sec. That the President of the United States shall appoint a FMS- commission consistingaplf three persons to inspect, classify, appraise, apiduvaluehall ogotgie an ds (described section gig`? this Agt that s not ave n otte in sever ty to said `ans said commission to be constituted as follows: Ono of the commissioners shall be a persori hlpldpng tribabrelations withdsaid Indiana, one a repre; sentative 0 the nterior epartment an one a resident citizen 0 the State of North Dakota. That within twenty days after their mmm ti n appointment san? cplmmissioxlngis shall; meet anrrhorgangze by the mmm °“ ° { “P‘ eection 0 one 0 their num r as c airman. e said commis- P www sioners shall then proceed to personally inspect and classify_ and appraise, ui one-hundred-and—sixty—acre tracts, all of the remaining lands describedjn section one of this Act except section sixteen an scgctgi under suchmruleixn and regulatiphns as the Secretarg 0 t or ma prescri . makmg` su c ° cation an appraisement said lhnds shall, without reglard to the coal they may contaug, lpe idéwdpilss into th; followpng ari eissegz giitrit, ote tc ·secon `cutur an 0 esecon c · °°'“P°'“°“°”· third, land; fourth, That said commissioners; shall be paid a of not to exceed $10 per daéy each while actually employed 111 the inspection and classification 0 said lands and neo- §°;"£..°§>‘p§?S€£’ ‘i§`$`§° °f§""°i“°‘£"°’ “° .i’°i“"€§°"¥fi bi % e _ p _ suc mspecionan cass ca_on_o c0gnpleted_witlun six months from the date of the organization of Aww mmm r S8·1éIlC0 D¥ _P °°x‘ nc. 4. t or the p ose of carrying into effect the rovipmes sions of Act the sum l<lilf$)$10,000, or so much thereof as mlsly be I necessary, IS hereby appropriated out of any money_ m the Treasury ggvgigvémmt {mm not otherwise appropriated: Brmnded, That the said appropriation proceeds. shall be re1mbursed to the United States from the proceeds received from the sale of the lands described herein or from any mon? in the '$reas§_ryI.t§>1e%p$>nlging to the Indians of Fort Berthold Indian eservaion, o a ota. Approved, August 3, 1914. _[;°jljiii;é=ii;] .. §il»Z$y?ii?;Ii.`£i$$%L‘?£’;S ?§§‘°“tarse·"°?§y§EIi2§$v3“¤§`€£3i—”tYfJr$i £°.i$‘5‘.§ u c, ’o. . C . Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives of the United F°d°”‘m°s°"°A°°' States of America. in Congress asaembkdf Tgt section twenty-seven pf_the;IAc1;1::ppJovedthDeBce§l:·§.i· twenty-tlA1r;l,_ ninetien hundredl ang aseeeReservec1sereamenan reenacteid to read as follows: y ,,;`Q',’f{g°°"°"°Y“S‘ "Sec. 27. The provisions of the Act of May thirtieth, nineteen Agggéggagndgl andeight, authorizingi national currency smsociations, the more a,;um;m,’m5_ issue of additional national—ban circulation and creating a National Vol- 35,1:- 546- Monet C ' h. • I I . - ary omxmssion, w ich expires b limitation under the terms of such Act on the thirtieth day of dune, nineteen hundred and fouirtgfen, are héareby extegifded to guns thirtiethéfnineteen hundred an teen an sections t ·one undred and ty-three Bfty-one 51§';;§g;f}f‘§,;?,‘§36;§},’,§; hundred and seventy-two, dfty-one hundred and ninetyione and 1°*1§*&£*é¢;·¤¤;_¤;=;¤;1ies;1_;m fifty-two hundred and fourteen of the Revised Statutes of the United reenacted. States, which were amended by the Act of May thirtieth, nineteen