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SIXTY-THIRD conennss. sm. II. os. 247. 1914. 689 reclamation for agricultural purposes and the cultivation of onefojurth the rrrrgable area under each water- ht a plication or entry within three ull irrigation seasons after rthe iilihg of water—right application or entry, and the reclamation for agricultural pu oses and the cultivation of one-half the irrigable area within five full) irrigation seasons after the filing of the water·right application or entry, and shall provide for continued compliance with such requirements. 1,,mty,°,m,mm_ Failure on the part of any water-right a plicant or entryman to com- 1>11¤¤¤¤· ply with such requirements shall render his application or entry su ject to cancellation. 1.AN1:•s Nor SUBJECT ro nncr.A.uA·rroN scr. Sec. 9; That in all cases where application for water right for onlgudiiiigilsubmgw lands in private ownership or lands eld under entries not subject '°°l°m°°l°“ M"` to the reclamation law shall not be made within one year after the passage of this Act, or within one year after notice issued in pursu- vom, pm ance of section four of the reclamation Act, in cases where such ' notice has not heretofore been issued, the construction cha for such land shall be increased five per centum each ear unEe;uch application is made and an initial mstallment is paidl wrmnrrawn ramps sunmcr TO mrmr. Sec. 10. That the Act of Co ess a roved February eighteenth, E°f">’ °"'**‘“*”*'¤ nineteen hundred and eleven,n%htitled)R‘An Act to amend section mirdgr. ac, p. ars, five of the Act of Corgi-ess of June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred “°%·°€f1°3'gj,,_836, and ten, entitled ‘An ct to authorize advances to the reclamation fund and for the issuance and dis osal of certificates of indebtedness in reimbursement therefor, and lbr other ur·poses,’ " be, and the same hereby is, amended so as to read as fdllows: " Sec. 5. That no entry shall be hermfter made and no entryman M13} ,§}‘§°§,c?}'§’§',$,‘l shall be permitted to go u on lands reserved for hiixiation purposes until the Secretary of the Enterior shall have establis ed the unit of acreage per entry, and water is readiy to be delivered for the land in such umt or some part thereof an such fact has been announced Promo by the Secretary of the Interior: Provaied, That where entries nrsprsir of »•u¤· made prior to June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten, have °“'“"°‘“"""" been or may be relinquished, in whole or in part, the lands so relinquished shall be subject to settlement and entry under the reclamation law." warm: snrzvrcn. Sec. 11. That whenever water is available and it is impracticable ¤¤ll»`i··m:•?$:l;»¤liéi»i1i: to apportion operation and maintenance charges as provided sec- °‘°°‘ tion five of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior may, prior to giving public notice of the construction charge per acre upon land under any pro'ect, furnish water to any entryman or private landowner therermder until such notice is given, making a reasonable charige therefor, and such charges shall be subject to the same penalties an to the provisions for cancellation and collection as herein provided for other operation and maintenance charges. Anmssrox on rrzrvarn Larvnowrrnns TO zmw rnomors. Srzc. 12. That before any contract is let or work begun for the con- 1}i ’Zit°éx¤¤s¤ · struction of any reclamation project hereafter adopted the Secretary §§‘,,§i§f,,§‘,§_§*}1*'g§f”°‘°” of the Interior shall require the owners of private lands thereunder to agree to dispose of all lands in excess of the area which he shall deem sufficient for the support of a family upon the land in question, upon 91006°-vor. 38-rr 1—-44